Lighting struck and thunder roared as a figure silently made it's way through the trees.Rain poured and a smile could be seen at the figure's lips.The person finally reached its destination at an old house.

A gloved hand grasped the handle and a slight creak was heard as the old door opened.

The woman got inside the house and took off her cloak.

"You're late."A male voice said.

She sighed and got in the living room where a man was sitting at a comfortable looking chair, his back turned to her, a book opened in his hand.

"I know."She retorted and took a sit opposite from him, putting her feet on the table.

"So, how was your day?"She asked innocently taking a book and opening it.

His eyes moved to her for a second and then got back to his book.

"Same as every other one.Extremely dull"He said a smirk on his face."How was yours?"He ,too, asked innocently, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

She smirked and shrugged."As interesting as was yours."

"Anyway, where is that idiot?"She asked closing the book and removing her feet from the table.

He raised an eyebrow."You mean Sebastian?"

"Yes, that's the one. Where is he?"She said looking at him expectantly.

"He left yesterday, to Japan."He chuckled amused by her expression.

"He left to Japan."She said slowly.He just nodded.

She sighed, a tired look on her young face.

"Tommorow we're leaving to France."

"France?"Her face lit up and her lips curved upwards forming a smile.

"Yes, Calypso, we're going to France!"He too smiled as Calypso jumped up and down in excitement.

Some people were talking and hugging, others were walking quickly trying not to miss their flight, others were looking around for their relatives or friends...

Basicly the airport was crowded and Calypso couldn't help but feel excited. She had been in France a lot of times in the past, but everytime was a magical experience.

Always something good happened and they were in that old house far too long...She needed this.

And the man beside her knew that.

Alden and Calypso had been good friends for a long time.They had been looking out for eachother since they had met.

They had many things in common and one of them was that they were both different.

Both had a scary past.

And both had strange abilitties.

They were far from being normal...Or human.

"Freak","Demon", "monster","angel", "god"...The list is endless...But the right term to what they were was 'Guardian'.

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