Falling Away

It was more than I could take in the end
So many chances I gave, all for nil
I thought it could be you on which I depend
But all I know is the misery that I feel

The first love is what of me you claim
And you hold onto me for reasons I don't know
But instead of fighting over who is to blame
It's simply time we let each other go.

We've brought ourselves to the edge of anguish
And I'm peering over the ledge seeing black
Tell me that staying together with me is your wish
While I'm insistent that I can't go back…

My eyes begin to burn with drops of sorrow
That threatens to choke the words right out of me
With you I can no longer see another tomorrow
So it's time I go and set you free.

I see you begin to tear up and finally start to cry
Until away from you I'm forced to turn
You reach towards me in an attempt for another try
And the anguish within me starts to burn…

I run for the ledge and allow myself to fall
Craving the safety in the finality of this death
Sobbing to myself that I've finally lost it all
Praying for relief with gasping breath

My falling turns into spiraling out of control
Faster and faster downwards towards the ground
While echoes insist that I make you whole
Echoes that haunt me with their sorrowful sound…

I close my eyes tight and bring my arms to my chest
I clutch myself in one final, lasting embrace
I'm insisting to myself that this was for the best
Then I open my eyes and see that I you have chased.

Two broken souls bent towards their disaster
At the hands of my selfish will
We're spiraling towards the earth ever faster…
Oh God, you I never meant to kill…

Now our ghosts will forever haunt these barren lands
With the anguish moans of our final fight
And people will soon begin to understand
That our being together was never right.

But for the time being, we're falling towards the end
Falling to our deaths because there is no forever
Ending it all because there's no chance to start again
Because all the ties have been permanently severed…