After bombing practice, the boys were put through army training, and then at night, were let free. Charlie, Walter and Steve were hanging out at a bar when Charlie spotted a pretty young girl.

"How old do you suppose the lady is?" he asked them.

"How old do you suppose Evelyn is?" Walter asked him. Charlie looked at him.

"I was just asking," he said before taking a sip of his drink.

"Right, well, anyway, I've been wondering… well, maybe I should tell you two the story first," Walter said, setting down his drink. "A week before we started arguing, Krista and I sort of… made love without… well, without wearing anything, very unlike the first time. After that, she began to act strange, and then the whole thing with Charlotte and when I left, she suddenly couldn't stand being away from me. Do you think I could have done something to her?"

"Like what?" asked Charlie, setting down his own drink. "Gotten her pregnant?"

"I guess so… would that effect her mood in any way?" Walter asked them.

"Possibly. Especially if you weren't wearing anything. I know Miriam and I were going to try that, though we never got the chance," said Steve. "Bon and I are gonna do it for the first time when she's nineteen."

"Bon? Wait a minute… Bonnie Butler?" Charlie asked him, completely shocked. Steve smiled and nodded. "When the hell did this happen?"

"Remember that night at the bandshell when Bonnie stormed off 'cause of Jim and all? Well, I followed her and we talked and we ended up kissing and we fell in love," Steve told him. "Not some long romance story like Walter's relationship with Krista or anything."

"Wow, that was a while ago! You must have kept it quiet for quite some time," Walter told him.

"Yeah, kept it quiet for a while, until now. I'm sure she told Krista and Evelyn and the others by now," Steve said as he finished his drink. "Can I get another round, please?" The bartender poured more whiskey into his glass, as well as Charlie's and Walter's. Steve raised his glass. "To the beautiful women whom we love and care for very much." Walter and Charlie raised theirs as well before drinking.

"I wonder how those amazing women are doing," Walter said, setting his glass down and staring at it.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was in the hospital tending to Danny Fionella, who was still in the hospital with three bullets lodged into his knee.

"I feel like such a child," Danny told Bonnie.

"You're not, you're a hero," Bonnie told him while she changed his bandages on his knee. On Danny's bedside table were a bunch of medals that he'd received for his heroic actions during the attack on Pearl Harbor, not that he'd paid any attention to them.

"I don't feel like a hero. I'm stuck here with three bullets in my leg and nurses tending me every hour of the day when I could be in Honolulu right now training to fly a bomber! Now how exciting would that be?" Danny asked her.

"Well, if I were you, I'd say that having nurses around you twenty-four/seven isn't such a bad thing," Bonnie replied. Danny didn't laugh, nor did he smile. "What is the big deal with men and planes? I remember with Jim, he used to tell me that he's always dreamed of flying, and that he'd do anything for it."

"To fly is to be free," said Danny. Bonnie sighed a distant sigh.

"Yes, that is what everyone says, isn't it?" she asked, remembering how many times Jim had said that to her.

"Jim was a great guy. Brave, loyal, always knew what he was doing… I wish I could be that way," Danny said distantly. He's always dreamed of being brave and strong, but he didn't even realize that he already had these qualities. Bonnie rested her hand on top of his, causing him to look up at her and meet her eyes.

"You don't realize, do you?" Bonnie asked, smiling at him. Danny looked at her with a confused expression.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Bonnie was silent, holding him with her eyes.

"You're amazing and you don't know it. You're brave, you're clever, you're strong. There aren't many like you out there," she told him. "Hell, not very many men would have continued fighting with three bullets in their leg. And you did that, saving American lives. That makes you a hero." Danny laughed in disbelief.

"I don't consider that shit 'heroic'. I mean, look at what Walter did. He led all the rest of Company D into the air to fight back. That's saving many American lives and fighting back," he told her. Bonnie shook her head.

"Not in my eyes," she told him. "He may have done that, but he didn't head to the streets and take out any Japanese planes like you did." Danny was silent, just looking at her. For some reason, he felt a strange attraction to her, and he was three years older than her. "Another medal came in for you this morning." Bonnie handed him an envelope. "I'll be back to check on you later." With that said, she got up and left. Danny followed her with his eyes as she left before opening the letter, and inside of that letter was a Purple Heart.