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She marched in with Kyle tailing behind slightly; his arms crossed behind him like a guard and his face blank, staring at me.

"Let me tell you something right now Cade, you hear me?! You think because I…I like…you that you can ruin my business and do whatever the hell you feel like?! Well think again, you're still a Show girl don't you ever, ever forget that again. What will the board say?! That I can't keep my girls in line?! Do you realize how quickly that will get me thrown out or worse, killed?! You have about three seconds to explain yourself before I kill you!" I looked up at her, anger controlling her every move, veins pulsing through her neck and face. Red heat covering her normally white skin, rage glazing her eyes over, no sign of mercy.

"She said-" Tara came at me full speed, knocking me to the ground and pinning me down; our faces were hardly inches from each other, our breathing combined.

"YOU JEAPERDIZED MY LIFE AND BUSINESS BECAUSE SHE SAID SOMETHING?!" My eyes were wide and I felt my muscles tense up, I'm dead. I tried to move- tried to think of something reasonable to excuse my actions, but found none. I realized what that girl had said wasn't worth it, it just wasn't.

"…I….I'm…sorry…" I looked away from her, over to the side, because I knew what was coming next. There wasn't an excuse, and I knew I had lost my chances of survival- let alone love. She shoved herself up off of me and walked out the door; on the way out she whispered into Kyle's ear. I had no idea what she said but I had a feeling I knew. I watched his face grow pale and I knew it was my time, just like every girl before me, it's my turn, my turn to die.