I think it must have started back when I was still in school-no, maybe it was just before that. Bear with me here, my thoughts are not always quite so collected and I often find myself struggling to piece together a proper story. Don't fret, though, my memory hasn't left me yet. Mostly everything presented before you today will be accurate.

Before you start to wonder, no, I am not an old biddy pouring out my life story before you while lying on my deathbed awaiting the great beyond to take me away from my earthly life. I'm not old at all. In fact, I just managed to graduate from a university with my bachelors in Fine Arts only a year ago. I started college when I was 18 and the courses lasted four years. You do the math. If you still think I'm old by the time you've calculated an answer, then I will kindly ask you to step out of the room, whippersnapper.

But, back to the story at hand. Like I said, it began right when I was but a neophyte in the world of adults, ready to leave behind my childhood and embark on a journey into the world. What is "it," you ask?

Good question.

"It" began when I found myself in the company of a certain group of people who were, well, not what you, I, or anyone would describe as "normal." No, they were far from it. There was a reason for this, but that will be mentioned later on.

These people, though we didn't exactly mesh at first, soon become my dearest friends. Not just people you would call your friends, simply through acquaintance, but true friends, friends I held in high esteem and in the most honorable place in my heart-people I would die for, if it ever came to that. And let me tell you, it nearly came to that several times. I would even go so far as to say that it did happen at one point. But that's something else that we will get to in due time.

I suppose the proper way to go about explaining this would be to start at the beginning. That's where all stories begin, yes? The beginning. No, that't not exactly true. What about those that begin in medias res? I find those to be the most intriguing of all. Ah, sorry, it seems I've digressed again. Forgive my tangents, but they will most likely appear frequently. But, yes, the beginning.

It began when I first met that group of people I came to love dearly…