We fight for cause, but meet resistance.

The battle is about to commence around us.

We stand few against many,

Awaiting the blows that determine our end.

Yet, we fight for what is right.

More soldiers surround my comrades and I

Weapons in hand they charge.

We try to stand nobly,

But are affected by their sudden hostility.

These people were once our friends.

They were once our neighbors.

They were once our family.

With all friendliness gone,

They charge on.

These once calm people are prepared to attack us.

They throw away the foundation

Of our once civilization

That had taken wars and generations to build.

With all modern humanity gone,

They charge on.

What do we have?

No weapons, just words.

Words that have alienated us.

Words that have sparked this madness.

We fight for cause, but meet resistance.