The Shadow Speaker

You have probably always wondered if there are really ghosts in this world. You may have experienced "paranormal activity" in your lifetime. Well, all of that is not quite true, but not a lie either. Some people are given a second sight. They can see the shadows of the dead.

To control the shadows, 10,000 years ago a magician by the name of Life, cast a spell so that exactly every 100 years, a child was born on the sixth day of the sixth month, and die when the new child was born at the same moment. This became the great cycle of the Shadow Speakers.

The spell however, only took hold on the chosen one on the day of their 13th birthday.

In every story, there is usually an evil lurking to destroy the world, to take it over. This is no different. The evil in this story is the so called Shadow Slayer. The Shadow Slayer is made solely to oppose the Shadow Speaker, so they cannot keep the world in order. The Shadow Slayer wants to control all live humans, so when they become shadows, they are completely under his control, so they can destroy the world and make it his domain for whatever unknown reasons.

The Shadow Slayer is partially controlled by Dark Shadows, shadows of truly evil people in their living days, and partially controlled by his own conscience, as messed up as it is by the Dark Shadows.

All of the other times the Shadow Slayers have tried to oppose the Shadow Speakers, all was lost for them. The new Shadow Slayer, Zarcoz, is very powerful though, for the shadows that control him are the worst ever seen.

This century the new Shadow Speaker will have to face it, and try to survive.