Chapter 5- Carson

Lexi was on her toes the rest of the day, but the weird boy didn't turn up again. Neither did the voice.

Mainly she was freaking out. Voodoo and magic were things she didn't think were real. To her everything had to be proven to her. How the day was going though, she figured something out of the ordinary was going on.

By the end of the day, Lexi was exhausted. She couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the voice and the strange boy. She hadn't seen or heard either of them since science. She was hoping it would stay that way.

As the yellow number 56 bus pulled up, Lexi noticed Ruby was sitting up in Lexi's seat, with all of her friends in the back.

Lexi walked up cautiously and sat in the seat across the aisle and looked questioningly at Ruby, who looked a little dazed.

Ruby sighed. "You are probably wondering why I am sitting up here."

"Well yeah. I think the world might just blow up now."

"You can say anything you want," Ruby replied. "I deserve it. I treated you terribly and would like to apologize." She twitched, and then resumed her dazed look.

Lexi stared at Ruby, who just stared at the back of the seat. Lexi wondered if it was a joke or something. The bus driver gave Lexi a weird look and Lexi just shrugged. The bus started moving.

Ruby got up and went to the back of the bus again, stumbling a few times with the movement of the bus.

"What is going on today!" Lexi exclaimed loudly, and everybody on the bus laughed.

When the bus dropped her off, Lexi was ecstatic. She would have a normal birthday party and eat some normal cake and forget about her day.

As she started walking down her street, she noticed that there were no noises, no smell of an early barbecue. The weather was still fine. Everybody's curtains were drawn. Nobody was outside. It was creepy.

"Lexi, beware!" The voice came back. At that moment the boy from her science class was there, his evil eyes boring into hers. In his right hand there was a huge sword.

"History shall not repeat itself this time, Shadow Speaker." His voice seemed too deep for a middle school kid. He ran towards her extremely fast.

Lexi turned and ran as fast as she could into a nearby tree line, screaming for help. This can't be happening.

"Run Lexi, he's gaining on you!" The voice called. Her feet hit the grass hard, still running through the thick tree line. The evil guy was still chasing her, getting closer every second.

Suddenly, she tensed and ducked to the left. She felt the blade come within an inch of her head. She turned around and kicked the guy in the stomach. He dropped to the ground, only to get up quickly, scowling at her.

Lexi was walking fast backwards. Suddenly she tripped over a rock and hit her head, crying out. She wouldn't be able to run away. The guy would kill her. He raised his sword.

There was a flash of grey, and the boy went down. Lexi knew it was the ghost thing that had been giving her advice.

Then she blacked out.


She woke up to a major headache and looked around the room frantically, wondering where she was. She then realized she was at the hospital.

In the corner there was a boy with black hair and grey eyes, looking out the window. Lexi had never seen him before.

A nurse came in quietly.

"Oh good, you are awake. Would you like some dinner?"

"Dinner? How long have I been asleep?" Lexi asked the nurse.

"You were brought into the hospital by that young man over there." She guestured over to the boy in the corner. "You have been asleep for only a couple of hours. You had a minor concussion, and your parents will be here shortly." The nurse smiled and went out of the room, shutting the door silently behind her.

The mysterious boy over from the window. "How are you feeling?"

"Who…?" Her voice trailed off. She recognized the voice. "You're the voice thing that has been talking to me."

"Yes. Zarcoz will not be injured for long. I will inform you about everything you need to know in a safer environment."

"Zarcoz? Is that the evil dude with the huge sword?"

"Yes." The guy sat back, thinking. Lexi noticed he spoke in a very educated voice, like he was older than he looked.

"Who are you?" Lexi asked.

"My name is Carson. No more questions, someone might be listening."

Then, her parents burst into the room. They hugged her, asking how she felt and telling her how worried they were.

Lexi looked around for the boy named Carson, but he was gone.

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