Jealousy looks bad on you.

Look at that dude in that white suit,
He has all the girls under his wing.
He smile, trying not to toot his own flute,
But can't stop from the smiling.

He is a dream to all, a multi-talented man.
A person that every person wished they could be.
What is the problem with wanting; to plan?
To imitate him and to want his famous spree?

You forget who you are, you find identity in someone else.
Look at yourself, you are special in many ways.
So what if you can't sing, or if you can't rhyme.
Kind of like how I couldn't find a word to rhyme with else.

See, you may have a hidden talent that no one knows about.
You may know how to analyze a piece of art quickly.
Come on, all you have to do is give it a little shout.
It's not like you have an alien about to burst out of your stomach like Ripley.

I'm just playing, I find humor in things often.
My gift is wanting to have people smile.
Sometimes, I make my own open coffin.
My jokes maybe turn people against me all the while.

But, that's where mastery and practice comes into play.
God gives us gifts that suits us.
He won't give someone a gift of patience if they can't have a moment relay.
That type of person sometimes needs something to punch or bust.

Bottom line, wordplay, ending or conclusion.
You are a gift of God, you have worth in him.
Don't be devices by the world in entertainment, it's an illusion.
Find your gifts, develop them, then master them to give back to him.

By: Devin "SK" Dawson.