Revenge of a Broken Heart

She was left to rot in a lonely holding cell
While he went off to explore the world
Left her to die in an empty hell
But she wasn't weak. No, not this girl.

He left one day but left behind the key
And it was just within her reach
A beautiful rusted treasure to set her free
She grabbed it and her prison she breached

With chains shackled 'round ankles and wrists
She hurried to the light as fast as she could
Desiring to live instead of to simply exist
And live her life this woman would…

And suddenly she broke through that blasted door
And the fresh air flooded into her lungs
A prisoner she would be forever no more—
And with joyous tears her eyes, they stung.

She tore off the shackles and shattered the chains
And stretched herself upwards to the sky
Freedom came to her and removed all her disdain
She smirked towards the jail and told it goodbye.

And when from his trip he finally returns
He's in for quite a fright
He runs out the door in some kind of concern
Frantically looking 'round into the night

Trying to figure out where his prisoner had gone
But all he found were her tossed away shackles
He should have expected this coming all along
And now a sentence of imprisonment he has to tackle—

The imprisonment of loneliness he kept her trapped
For so long until she'd finally had enough
That it caused her to finally have snapped
From being pathetic into being someone tough.

And while he begins the suffering that she has lost
She turns her face to the morning sun and laughs
Knowing that she's gotten the reward and all that it cost
Was the bravery that freedom's desire put in her grasp.

Some time from now she may think of the prison
But she'll never think of ever going back
She'll never regret her final, lasting decision
Of fleeing towards this better track.

And meanwhile he stays confined in his despair-ridden cell
With images of what he lost in his brain forever singed
He buries his face in his hands and emits an awful wail
Because he is the victim of a broken-heart's revenge.