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E P I L O G U E: (Snowy)

"YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU LITTLE BITCH? IF YOU DON'T GET ME THAT EPIDURAL RIGHT THIS FUCKING INSTANCE, I'LL RIP OUT YOUR THROAT AND FEED IT TO MY CAT!" I screamed/growled. Nurse Mustache's eye twitched and she looks ready to strangle me. She turned to P.C. and glared at him.

"Wife?" she questioned with a clenched jaw. He nodded and patted my hand, which was in a fist from the pain. "I'll bet my money that it's her first time."

"You got that right," P.C. answered, smiling and rubbing my hand in soothing motions. To me, he said, "It's alright, Snowy. The doctor's gonna come when you're properly dilated."

"WHO FUCKING KNOWS WHEN THAT IS? GIVE IT TO ME NOW! NOW P.C.! OR YOU'LL BE WEARING A CAST FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS!" I threatened. So, here I am, at the hospital, 8 months after the wedding and about to give birth. Oh, and breaking P.C.'s hand but he's being a good little boy about it by not speaking up. Aww, I love him so much... let's go break his hand. I let out a loud screech as another contraction rippled through me. I clutched P.C.'s hand hard and felt tears prick my eyes as I waited for the pain to pass. I glared at the nurse with deadly eyes.

"Give. Me. The. Shot. NOW!" I gritted out. She lifted the blanket covering me to check my dilation. Dropping the blanket she smiled.

"Now I can go get the doctor," she said sweetly. I grabbed the nearest item, which was a water bottle, and chucked it at her head. She ducked just in time and the bottle crashed into the wall behind her. Her eyes were widened with horror and she hurried out of the room. I lay back and shut my eyes. The light's were too bright and I felt so stupid. Why in the fucking world did I refuse it? P.C. murmured comforting words to calm me down but I blocked him out.

The door opened and the doctor walked in, putting on a fresh pair of plastic gloves. He lifted the blanket and nodded to Nurse Mustache. She hustled and gave him a pair of scissors. He thanked her and turned to me.

"Hello, there Snowy. My name's Doctor Wilson. You'll be just fine without the epidural," he assured. My eyes narrowed and I squeezed P.C.'s hand harder. He yelped but quickly covered it by clamping his teeth down on his other hand.

"What?" I hissed. "What do you mean without the epidural?"

"Well, you refused it before and now it's too late. Sorry, but I can't give you the shot."

Great, more pain. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth when another contraction hit me like a tidal wave.

"Get. It. OUT!" I screamed. The doctor laughed and instructed me to spread my legs apart. I did so. He put his hand on my very round belly.

"Now, I want you to push with all you've got when I say so, okay?" he said. I nodded my head frantically. "Now!"

5 hours later of frantic pushing and screaming and hand squeezing...

A baby's first cries of life filled the air and I collapsed on the bed. After 5 hours of labor and clutching P.C.'s poor abused hand, our daughter was born. When I first held her in my arms, it was like the last few hours never existed. All I could do was stare at the little life in my arms. She had dark hair, much like my own and bright grey eyes, which she got from P.C. She's was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen.

"WHERE'S MY GODDAUGHTER? I WANT TO MEET HER RIGHT NOW, SNOWY!" came a very loud, very shrill shriek. I giggled and P.C. groaned. Crystal barged into the room with a dramatic entrance, knocking over a tray the nurse was holding. The doctor turned around.

"I'm afraid she can't have any visitors quite ye-"

"SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND LET ME SEE MY BEST FRIEND AND HER DAUGHTER BEFORE I SHOVE YOUR-" I coughed and waved her over, smiling apologetically at the doctor. He had a look of pure horror on his face and he ran out of the room as pale as a sheet. Crystal grinned at me then turned her face down to see the little pink bundle in my arms.

"Awww! She's sooo cute! She looks like both of you but more like P.C. Damn your man genes! The kid always looks like the guy! For once, can't they look like the woman who was in labor?" Crystal glared at P.C. He sat back and held his hands up in surrender.

"I'm sorry! I had no control over this so shut it woman!" he cried. Crystal narrowed her eyes before smiling and turning to me.

"Whatcha gonna name her?" she asked me. I smiled and touched my pinkie to my daughter's nose. She wrinkled it up and glared up at me with P.C.'s eyes. "Cuz, if you guys don't give her a name, I'll do it."

"NO! DON'T LET HER!" P.C. suddenly shouted. Crystal whipped around and punched him out. I gaped in amazement. Damn, that girl has gotten stronger since high school. And she was fucking strong then. Meeting her eyes, I smiled.

"I think I'll name her...Acacia Penelope," I murmured. Then smiled. "Yeah, I'll name her Acacia Penelope..."

"Acacia? Isn't that the name that P.C. absolutely hates?"

"Yes. Now get the doctor so I can officially name her before he wakes up. Hurry!"

P.C. stirred on the floor and sat up, dazed.

"Unnghh...what happened?" he groaned. I saw Crystal raise her fist again and looked at me for approval. I shook my head and she lowered it, a depressed expression written all over her face.

"Crystal knocked you out. I was gonna name our daughter Acacia Penelope," I said. P.C. jumped to his feet and grabbed little Acacia right out of my arms. She started wailing and tears dripped from her pretty eyes, her face turning a dark shade of red. "P.C.! Give her back! She's crying!"

"Probably because she hates the name Acacia!" he shouted back. I glared at him and held up 3 fingers.

"If I reach three and you haven't given her back to me, I will tell Crystal to punch you out again," I threatened. He craddled Acacia to his chest and stepped back, backing slowly away. "One."



"I will NEVER let you name her after a freaking yellow flower!"


Crystal stepped forward and snatched Acacia out of P.C.'s arms and handed her back to me before he could even utter a word. Then punched out his lights again. I smiled at her and cooed to Acacia.

"Who's a good girl? You are! You're so adorable!" I gushed. Acacia smiled at me and both Crystal and I 'awwed'. "Don't you like the name Acacia?"



A month later...

"I can't fucking believe you named her Acacia," P.C. muttered, handing me the blanket. I took it and wrapped the giggling Acacia in it. The got up and glared at P.C.

"No cussing in front of the baby!" I scolded. P.C. groaned and plopped down on the couch. "Oh my god! You forgot the kids!"


"I said no cussing!"

P.C. muttered something under his breath and walked out the door. I turned to Acacia and smiled.

"Isn't Daddy stupid?" I asked the baby. She smiled and I giggled and swung her in my arms. "Later, we can all go to the park to play!"


"You'd like that?"


I smiled and tucked her into her little crib. She immediately closed her eyes and was asleep in moments. I sighed. Well, on the bright side, she wan\sn't one of those crybabies. On the dark side, she requires a LOT of attention. One moment she'd be playing and the next, POOF! Gone! I turned around as if expecting her to disappear but she slept soundly in her crib, wrapped up in a pink blanket. Who would've guessed two years ago that I'd be a wife and a mother. Just two short years ago, I was hating my stepfamily and was still dating Dustin.

I shuddered. Dustin Clarke. He never came to visit even though I eventually forgave him. I don't know where he went but if he ever shows up here, I'd invite him in happily. Everyone deserves a second chance, even people like Dustin. Afterall, he's still P.C.'s brother no matter what happens.

I have a family to take care of. I have P.C. there to help me every step of the way. The little ones to take care of Acacia when she was older. Who could've known that my life would become so complete in so short of the time?

AN: DONE! Lame ending but I love it anyways! I thank all of you for being there for me all of the way with this story and I love how you criticized me but was nice about it. Thanks to you all but my stories aren't over! I have more up my sleeve that will come out to play a little later. Until then, with my love and good wishes, SUSIE.