Take the pain away that bruises me entire body. Life is impossible to live when one can no longer function.

The weight of my world is crushing down on my now microscopic shoulders. I am no longer able to hold it up over my head, showing my powerful success. You come at me with intent to release the pain that slices through my heart. You're the only one who seems to notice, the one person who seems to care. And you move towards me with the frightful solution. The pain silently slips away only for a moment as I find safety in this witness. But just as stealthily, it shoots me again because this solution isn't the escape from the dreadful pain.

You stare me down at the pool of my own blood swimming in the sink then back up at me. Your wet eyes show sorrow and regret on the reflection above the thickening red. Before the increasing pain stops flowing from my wrists you reach for me through our reflection, but only smear more pain on the mirror.

This isn't the solution, this is failure. My world had succeeded in flattening my body. And only you were to know on the other side of the glass until someone smells the pain and discovers that I have failed to escape. If only one would try to subside this hurt that has inhabited inside.