Crystal's Teenage Years: First day of high school

Crystal was so nervous as she made her way to the first day of high school with her best friend Rachel.

Rachel and Crystal had been friends since they were in nursery together.

Crystal always wondered how she could ever be Rachel's friend. They were both complete opposites to each other, Rachel was the fun outgoing girl while Crystal was the quiet one. Crystal hated being the centre of attention, but Rachel didn't care if she was, she was her own person. Crystal wish she had her friends confidence.

"I'm so nervous," Crystal stated.

"Me too, but together we can get through this." Rachel tried to reassure her.

Rachel always had a way of getting through anything, or at least knew how to build Crystal's confidence up a bit.

"It's just so big!" Crystal continued to say.

"Nothing is too big for the both of us. Remember our saying..."

"... We can accomplish anything if we just stick together," they both said at the same time.

"Besides your sister is here too." Rachel continues to reassure her.

"Jane won't want to speak to me, let alone see me," Crystal stated.

Crystal and Jane never really got on, Jane was always embarrassed being around her younger sister and Crystal couldn't stand the way Jane spoke to her. They were always at each others throats yelling and screaming, even though Rachel didn't see that side, all she saw was the disagreements.

They both made their way through the school gates, where they could see loads of boys and girls hanging around outside the building, all chatting away in their own groups.

Crystal started staring at the building in front of her, it seemed bigger than when she first saw it, but she knew that was just her imagination.

"Oh look, there is your sister," Rachel said with enthusiasm.

Crystal didn't really want to see her sister, but she still followed her eyes in the same direction that Rachel was looking. There were so many girls with the same dark hair and sun-tanned skin as Jane, even though her sister's tan was fake, it came from a bottle. Crystal could see now, why her sister's appearance meant so much to her.

"Where?" Crystal asked

Crystal couldn't believe that Rachel had spotted her so easily, there were too many girls that looked so alike, especially in the direction that Rachel was on about.

"Over there" Rachel started pointing in the same direction "Don't you see her?" Rachel continued to say.

One minute Crystal was focused on spotting her sister and the next she felt herself bump into something or someone...

"Hey, watch where you're going" that someone demanded.

Crystal couldn't believe that she had already embarrassed herself, but she knew she should face this someone and apologise.

Crystal turned around and came face to face with that person, who happen to a boy and a very good looking one. Crystal could feel her cheeks heating up... Oh, she so hated it when her cheeks betrayed her like that.

"I'm sorry" Crystal apologised.

The boy continued to stare back at her, but somehow is face expression slowly soften from anger to something else Crystal couldn't quite place.

Crystal slowly took a step away from this boy and wondered if he would start laughing at how red her cheeks, but for some reason he just continued to stare at her with that same expression, which was making her feel so uneasy.

"I didn't mean to," Crystal said hoping it would make the boy look away from her.

"Don't apologise..." The boy started to smile as he continued to speak to her "...It was my fault, I should have moved out the way."

Crystal couldn't understand why he was saying that... it was her fault for, not looking where she was going, how could he move out the way if he didn't know she was going to knock into him. Crystal now knew what girls meant when they said that boys were so confusing.

Crystal smiled back at him and said "It doesn't matter," she started backing further away from him, but for some reason she still couldn't take her eyes off him... That smile, alone seemed to light up his whole face and she couldn't get over how attractive he was.

"It was nice bumping into you" The boy said as he too continued to stare back at her.

Crystal stopped walking backwards when she felt someone place their hands against her back, she turned around to see Rachel shaking her head at her with one wide grin on her face.

"Wow, you have only just got here and you already have a boy after you," Rachel said.

Crystal turned back to face the boy, but found out he had turned his back to her and was now talking to his mates who were now laughing at him. Now she had embarrassed the guy in front of his mates, she doubted he would ever speak to her again.

Crystal turned back to Rachel and started to answer her "No, he was only being polite."

Rachel started laughing before saying, "It was the way, he was looking at you."

So Rachel had seen the both of them staring at each other, but that still didn't mean he liked her, well even if he did before, he certainly didn't now, not after embarrassing him in front of his mates.

"Don't be silly" Crystal had to get Rachel off this subject somehow, she knew what Rachel was like when it came to talking about boys, it was her favourite subject.

"He couldn't take his eyes off you" Rachel continued going on "And you couldn't take your eyes off him."

"You have it all wrong," Crystal said as she started walking towards the main building and hoping it would make Rachel give up.

"You like him, don't you?" Rachel continued to say as she started walking alongside Crystal.

"Even if I did, it doesn't matter now, I just embarrassed him in front of his mates so I doubt he will ever want to speak to me again." Crystal finally admitted.

"If he does then he isn't worth it," Rachel said as she opened the main door.

Crystal now hoped that Rachel would drop the subject, she wanted to forget about him completely.

"I think you're wrong about him though," Rachel continued to say.

"We'll see, won't we?" Crystal responded.

They both continued walking into the main building and making their way to their classroom.