Summary: This is the life story of one girl called 'Crystal White'; (but in a play style) Crystal White wants to become a singer, but what does she have to go through in life to reach this goal. Follow Crystal's life from School to Retirement; there will be boys, parties, friendship, holidays, marriage and even pregnancy and that's just the first few years of her life in secondary school. Just what else could she get up to in her adult life? Read this and find out that there is never a dull moment in Crystal's life.

Note: Sorry that was a bit long, but I'm sure you have the idea of this play now. You will notice this has been up before but I deleted it to try and make it better for you and I hope you do enjoy this one better.

Note: You will notice that the first few scene will jump quite often, their only there for you to get to know the characters and what is going on so far in Crystal's life, then we get on with Crystal's life in more detail. Oh one other thing I so love Reviews, so please review as you read along on Crystal's life Story.

The Life of Crystal White

Scene One

Nat: One Morning Crystal and her best friend Rachel were on their way to their first day of secondary school.

Crystal: I'm so nervous.

Rachel: Me too. I hope we don't get lost.

Crystal: It's just so big, at less we're in the same group together.

Rachel: You will be alright; your sister is here too.

Crystal: She won't want to speak to me, unless she as to.

Rachel: Oh this bag is so heavy.

(Rachel moves the bag to her other shoulder)

Rachel: Why can't the school provide all this stuff, like they did in the juniors?

Crystal: Yeah here we have to carry it all with us at all times.

(They both walk through the school gates)

Rachel: Oh look there's your sister.

Crystal: Where?

(Crystal starts looking around as she knocks into someone)

Crystal: Oh sorry!

Jeff: You need to look where you're going.

(Crystal turns around to look at the boy she had knocked into)

Crystal: Sorry!

(Crystal takes a step back away from the boy)

Crystal: I didn't mean to.

(The boy smiles back at Crystal)

Jeff: Don't apologise it was my fault, I should have moved out the way.

(Crystal smiles back at him)

Crystal: It doesn't matter anyway.

(Crystal starts to back away slowly)

Jeff: It was nice bumping into you.

(They both continue to look each other until Crystal turns back around to face Rachel)

Rachel: Wow, you have only just got here and you already have a boy after you.

Crystal: No, he was only being polite.

Rachel: It was the way he was looking at you.

Crystal: Don't be silly.

Rachel: I'm not, he looking at you as if he couldn't take his eyes off you.

Crystal: You have it all wrong. Come on let's go in.

Crystal holds the door open for Rachel)

Rachel: Don't you want to see you sister first?

Crystal: She won't want to see me.

(Rachel follows Crystal into the school building)

Rachel: What's your first lesson, mines English?

Crystal: So is mine. What room are you in?

Rachel: I'm in room… I'm not sure, let me check.

(Rachel looks into her bag and takes a peck at her school diary)

Rachel: Room 36.

Crystal: I'm in room 35.

Rachel: Oh well at least were only next door to each other.

(They both arrive at their form room)

End of Scene One

Note: I hope you enjoyed that, Crystal's first day will continue in the next scene.