Nat: Rich and Crystal were still kissing away on the deck of the boat while Kelly, Denise and Steve were down below deck until Crystal pushes Rich away, again!

Crystal: I told you not to do that, again.

Rich: You know you wanted me to.

(Crystal moves away from Rich and he started to follow after her)

Crystal: Rich, why would you do this to Kelly?

(Rich stops following Crystal and just stared at her)

Rich: You are so right….

(Rich walks away towards the back of the boat and sat down looking at his feet)

Rich: …. This really shouldn't have happened. What was I thinking?

(Crystal walks up to Rich)

Crystal: Don't worry about it Rich, we can just pretend it didn't happen.

(Rich lifts his head up and looked at Crystal who was smiling down at him)

Rich: Yes I agree.

(Crystal and Rich continue to stare at each other until Crystal looks up at the sky)

Crystal: There are certainly a lot of stars out tonight.

Rich: No, I can't pretend it didn't happen.

(Crystal looks back at Rich who was now standing in front of her)

Rich: It was too good for that.

Crystal: Rich, you have Kelly.

Rich: I know I do, but I can't help what I feel for you.

(Rich takes holds of both of Crystal's hands)

Crystal: You hardly know me.

Rich: That doesn't matter.

Crystal: Yes, it does.

(Rich grins at Crystal and she snaps her hands away from him)

Crystal: Kelly is one of my closest friends; I won't do this to her.

(Rich steps up closer to Crystal which made her step back)

Rich: Won't or Can't!

(Crystal moves her hand out towards Rich and he takes hold of it)

Crystal: Rich, stop it!

(Crystal moves her hand away)

Crystal: Kelly is your girlfriend, so forget about me.

(Rich steps up closer to Crystal again)

Rich: Not easy to do after a kiss like that.

(They both stare into each other's eyes and Rich pressed his lips gently against her lips again)

Crystal: I can't do this.

(Crystal moves away from Rich and this time she heads below deck)

Kelly: Hey, Crystal. Come and look at this.

(Crystal looks at Kelly who was standing behind the chair that Denise was sitting in and Steve was in the other chair beside her and they were all looking at the main screen)

Denise: Can you guess what we're looking at?

(Crystal steps up beside Kelly)

Crystal: Is that the bottom of the ocean I can see?

Kelly: It sure is.

Steve: I lowered a camera down into the ocean.

Crystal: That looks so cool.

(Crystal could hear Rich coming below deck as well but she kept her eyes on the screen)

Kelly: You didn't tell me you had a camera you could lower into the ocean.

Rich: Oh yes, we haven't had it installed that long.

Steve: So you decided to join us at last.

Rich: It's quite lonely up there on my own.

Kelly: Oh, Rich doesn't like to be alone…..

(Kelly stopped talking and Crystal looked at her to see her making a face at Rich)

Kelly: … And don't look at me like that.

Steve: Your face might stay like that one day.

Rich: Very funny!

Kelly: As I was saying, I will have to remember you don't like to be alone.

Denise: I can't believe there are so many different types of fish.

(Everyone turns to look back at the screen except Steve who looks at Denise)

Steve: I could name them all for you.

(Denise stares back at Steve)

Denise: You mean to tell me I'm going to marry a guy who is an expert on fish.

(Denise looks behind her at Kelly)

Denise: Do I really have to choose this guy?

(Kelly smiles down at Denise)

Steve: Who could possible hate fish?

(Denise looks back at Steve)

Denise: It certainly isn't the fish I don't like.

Steve: Would you like me more if I took you down to look for yourself?

Denise: Now, what the hell are you going on about?

(Steve grins back at Denise as he stands up and walks over to a glass cover on the floor)

Steve: Going for a swim in the ocean.

Denise: That would be lovely, am game!

(Denise jumps up and walks up to Steve)

Crystal: Wouldn't that be quite dangerous in the dark?

(Steve takes a look behind him and presses a few switches and the glass lights up)

Steve: Not when we have lights at the bottom of the boat.

(Steve opens the glass cover)

Kelly: I certainly have a lot more to learn about this boat.

Steve: So who else is coming?

Kelly: I'm so not missing this.

(Kelly walks over to Steve and Denise and everyone turns to face Crystal)

Kelly: Come on Crystal, it will be fun.

Crystal: How will we be able to breathe underwater?

(Steve looks behind him again and opens a hidden cabinet and pulls out a small air tank)

Steve: We always think of everything.

(Steve hands them out to Denise and Kelly)

Kelly: So are you coming, Crystal?

Crystal: I'm not sure.

Steve: Don't worry you will be safe with me.

(Kelly looks at Rich)

Kelly: How about you?

(Crystal slowly turns to look at Rich)

Rich: I have to watch Princess Lucky.

Kelly: She isn't going to disappear on you.

Rich: I've already spent most of the day swimming along the ocean bed.

Kelly: Should I even ask?

Steve: Best not! It wasn't one of Rich's highlights of the day.

Kelly: Well, you can keep Crystal entertained, then.

(Rich turns to look at Crystal)

Rich: I can certainly do that.

(Rich smiles at Crystal who turns to watch Steve lower Denise into the hole)

Crystal: Wait!

(Steve starts to help Kelly into the hole as Crystal rushes over to them)

Kelly: Come on, then.

(Steve lowers Kelly into the hole and passes Crystal an air tank and slowly lowered her into the hole as well)

Rich: Have fun!

(Steve hangs his legs over the hole and grabs an air tank)

Steve: Who wouldn't with these three lovely girls?

Denise: We heard that.

(Steve winks at Rich)

Steve: So long bro!

(Steve jumps into the hole as Rich walks over to the hole)

Denise: Hey!

Steve: Come on girls, let's have some fun.

(Rich looks down the hole to see Steve drive under the water and Denise following him)

Crystal: After you!

(Kelly smiles at Crystal and then follows after Steve and Denise)

Rich: You don't have to go if you don't want to.

(Crystal looked up through the hole at Rich)

Rich: You could stay and have fun with me instead.

(Crystal smiles at Rich and then ducks underwater and Rich smiles at himself and slowly lowers the glass cover)

Nat: A few hours later they all arrive back at Rich and Steve's place. After Steve helped the girls off the boat, he joined Rich on tiring up the boat.

Crystal: Well, thanks for that. That was one experience I shall never forget.

Kelly: Yes, neither will I.

(Crystal could see out the corner of her eye Rich lift his head up and he grinned over at her)

Kelly: You learn something new about this boat every time.

(Crystal moves slowly right where she couldn't see Rich anymore)

Crystal: Can't wait for my next trip then.

Rich: Princess Lucky is full of surprises.

(Kelly and Denise both turn to face Rich)

Denise: What else could that boat possible do?

Steve: More than you could possibly know.

(Crystal turns to face Steve who was beside Rich tiring one end of the boat up and grinning back at them)

Kelly: Do I hear a challenge coming on Denise?

(Denise turns her head to stare at Kelly then back to Steve again)

Steve: I could certainly give you a challenge.

(Crystal saw Denise's cheeks start to go red)

Denise: You can keep your challenges to yourself.

(Denise turns around to face the house as Steve and Rich grin at each other)

Kelly: Well, Crystal…

(Crystal looks towards Kelly who was now looking at her)

Kelly: I'm really glad you were there.

(Crystal smiles at Kelly)

Crystal: So I'm I.

Rich: I'm glad you enjoyed the whole trip.

(Crystal turns to face Rich who was now making his way over to her)

Kelly: You should definitely join us next week.

(Crystal turns to face Kelly)

Crystal: I would certainly like that.

(Rich steps up beside Crystal and grins at her)

Kelly: Same time, same place, shall we say.

Crystal: I'll see what I can do.

Rich: The more girls around the better.

(Crystal slowly lifts her arm up and looks at her watch)

Crystal: Is that the time? I should get back; my mum will kill me.

Kelly: Not on your own you're not. I'm sure Rich or Steve will walk you back.

Steve: I've got to walk Denise back, anyway.

(Denise turns back around to look over at Steve who now had joined them)

Denise: Hey, I thought we had plans; you were going to make me breakfast.

(Rich stared over at Steve)

Rich: You're going to make breakfast? Now, this I have to see.

(Steve turns to face Rich)

Steve: It's easy!

Rich: You do realise that Denise means a full cooked breakfast.

Steve: Of course I do.

(Rich turns to face Denise)

Rich: Let's hope you make work tomorrow.

Denise: It's Sunday tomorrow; my day off.

Rich: You might need the day off to recover.

Kelly: You can talk.

(Rich turns to face Kelly)

Rich: What? I'm the best cook here!

Kelly: I bet Crystal could cook better than you.

Crystal: Don't bring me into all this.

(Rich turns to grin at Crystal)

Rich: We should put that to the test.

(Crystal looks at Kelly)

Crystal: Now look what you have gotten me into.

Kelly: Believe me you could beat Rich, any day.

Rich: How about it Crystal. You and me!

(Crystal looks at Rich)

Crystal: You will have to find someone else.

Kelly: Go on, Crystal.

Crystal: Why don't you and Steve both cook breakfast tomorrow and see who the best is.

Rich: I'd rather go up against you.

Crystal: You might not have a house left before I even get started.

Rich: I doubt you're that bad.

Steve: You just wait till tomorrow and then you will be laughing on the wrong side of your face.

(Rich turns back to face Steve)

Rich: If you say so.

Kelly: When you two are quite finished, Crystal needs to make it back... Tonight!

Steve: Come on then, Crystal. I'll walk you back.

Denise: The only thing you are doing is having a wash and a shave.

(Steve stares at Denise)

Steve: Is my luck in tonight, then?

Denise: You wish!

Steve: Then why do I need a wash and a shave?

Denise: You said you would take me dancing.

Rich: Dancing! You're going dancing.

Steve: It's news to me.

Denise: You said you would show me your moves.

Steve: Certainly not those sort of moves.

(Everyone starts laughing as Denise looks at everyone and then to Kelly)

Denise: Why do I have to marry such a tease, like him?

Kelly: At least you won't have a dull moment.

Denise: I don't think either of us will; being with these two brothers.

Kelly: You just might be right there.

Rich: Come on, Crystal. I'll take you back. If you wait for my brother, you will still be here tomorrow.

(Crystal turns back to face Rich)

Crystal: There's no need, I can walk back on my own. The hotel is only up the beach.

Kelly: No way you're walking back on your own. Rich is walking you back and that is final.

(Crystal turns to face Kelly who as that certain look in her eye)

Crystal: O.K then.

Kelly: I'm going to be busy working the rest of the week, but if you want I'll be at the café at 6 every evening.

Crystal: I'll see you there if I can, anyway.

Denise: It was nice meeting you, Crystal.

(Crystal turns to face Denise)

Crystal: Yes, it was.

Steve: See you around.

(Crystal turns to Steve and nods her head at him)

Kelly: Bye for now.

(Crystal looks at everyone in turn)

Crystal: See you all.

Rich: Come on.

(Rich starts walking away and Crystal starts to follow him they both walk on in silence and once they are on the beach Rich slows down to walk beside Crystal)

Rich: Crystal!

Crystal: No, don't say anything.

Rich: Look at me, Crystal.

(Crystal turns to face Rich)

Crystal: What?

Rich: We need to talk.

(Crystal looks straight ahead again)

Crystal: There is nothing to talk about.

Rich: But!

Crystal: I said, nothing!

Rich: Please, let me at least say this.

Crystal: Go on then.

Rich: Crystal, you might not want to think about what happened, but I can't stop thinking about it.

Crystal: Yes, you can; it was just a kiss, a spare of the moment thing... You know the moonlight and the boat, it was just that kind of setting.

Rich: You know it was more than that.

Crystal: No, it wasn't. What we felt at that time can never happen again. I won't betray my friend.

Rich: What we felt? So you admit you feel something for me, too.

Crystal: Let's not go into that, we have to forget everything that happened.

Rich: Do you think it will be that simple?

Crystal: Maybe not, but we will fight it. We must!

Rich: Must we?

Crystal: Yes you must. If you care about Kelly, you will.

Rich: Of course, I care about Kelly. I just can't help what I feel for you.

Crystal: Like I said if you do care about Kelly, then you will fight it.

(Rich stops walking)

Rich: Crystal, please stop a moment.

(Crystal stops walking but still looks ahead)

Crystal: Why?

(Crystal slowly turns to face Rich but doesn't quite look at his face)

Rich: Look at me, Crystal.

Crystal: I am!

Rich: No, you're not. If you say you can fight it then you can easily look me in the eye.

(Crystal looks at Rich's face)

Crystal: There, like I said I can fight it.

(Rich takes a step closer to Crystal)

Rich: But can you fight this?

(Rich steps up against Crystal and she reaches her hands up to push back against his chest and Rich tries placing his lips against Crystal's but she shoves him away)

Rich: You are a lot stronger than I.

(Rich starts to walk past Crystal but Crystal grabs his arm and stops him)

Crystal: Wait!

(Rich turns back to face Crystal)

Crystal: I think I'm just as weak as you are.

(Crystal wraps her arms around Rich's neck and they both kiss quite passionately)

Crystal: No, we have to stop.

Rich: You're the one who kissed me this time.

Crystal: It doesn't matter who kissed who.

Rich: You're so right.

(Rich places his lips against Crystal's lips again)

Crystal: Please stop!

(Crystal takes a step back but Rich pulls her back into his arms)

Rich: I can't; you taste too good.

(Crystal starts laughing)

Crystal: I've never had someone say that before.

Rich: You couldn't have kissed anyone before today, then.

Crystal: I've been kissed before, but no-one has ever said that before.

Rich: They don't say what they are thinking then.

Crystal: You can say that again.

Rich: Some guys do keep things bottled up.

Crystal: You certainly don't.

Rich: Why should I?

(Crystal walks out of Rich's embrace and continues to walk on)

Rich: Hey, where are you going?

(Rich catches up with Crystal and pulls her back into his embrace)

Crystal: Back to the hotel, it's really late.

Rich: I don't care.

(Rich places his lips against Crystal's lips again and they both continue kissing)

Crystal: Come on, we can't keep doing this.

Rich: I know, I just can't stop myself.

Crystal: Let's think what this is doing to Kelly.

Rich: She doesn't know.

Crystal: How do you know that? Kelly could be watching us right now.

Rich: If she was, Kelly wouldn't just stand there and watch us.

Crystal: True. Kelly confronts things, not hides away from them.

(Rich let's go off Crystal and takes a couple of steps back)

Rich: Let's not talk about Kelly; I feel guilty enough, already.

Crystal: I know what you mean. Well, you can leave me here, I can get the rest of the way on my own.

Rich: No, I was asked to walk you back to the hotel, so I will walk you right up to the main door.

Crystal: You don't need to.

Rich: Tough, I'm going to.

Crystal: Whatever!

(Crystal starts walking again and Rich follows her)

Rich: I love the way you look when you say that.

Crystal: Do you?

End of Scene Eighteen