Nat: About an hour later Crystal and Rachel were waiting for the results of her pregnancy test.

Crystal: What's it going to be?

(Crystal stares down at the pregnancy stick on the bed between them)

Rachel: It will tell us in two minutes.

(Rachel was looking at the instructions in her hand)

Crystal: It's taking too long.

Rachel: Be patient.

Crystal: I can't. This is the moment that will change my life forever.

(Rachel looks down at the pregnancy stick)

Rachel: Another minute to go.

Crystal: Please, don't be pregnant. Please, don't be pregnant.

(Rachel looked up at Crystal)

Rachel: It's going to be alright...

(Crystal stared back)

Crystal: How can you say that? I can't have a baby; I don't know the first thing about being a mother.

Rachel: From what I've heard it comes naturally to you.

(Crystal let's out a little laugh and looks back at the stick)

Rachel: I'm sure you will know what to do when the time comes.

Crystal: What does one line mean?

(Crystal picks up the stick and looks at Rachel)

Rachel: That you're not pregnant.

(Crystal smiles very brightly)

Rachel: I told you, you had nothing to worry about.

Crystal: Oh, thank goodness.

Rachel: Luck seems to be on your side.

(Crystal drops the stick back on the bed and jumps up)

Crystal: I'm so glad. Now, I can carry on as normal and forget about it all.

(Rachel looks up at Crystal)

Rachel: Can you, though?

Crystal: Oh yes, I won't have to say anything to Kelly, now.

(Rachel stood up in front of Crystal)

Rachel: Could you keep something like that to yourself?

Crystal: I couldn't tell her... I might never see her, again.

Rachel: Crystal, just think of it this way would you like it if Kelly kept a secret like that from you?

(Crystal turns around and looks out her window)

Crystal: I know what you're saying Rach, I'm just scared.

(Rachel sat back on the bed)

Rachel: You don't have to tell her straight away but you shouldn't leave it too long... She may find out from someone else.

(Rachel places the instructions next to the pregnancy stick)

Crystal: It's going to be so hard to tell her but like you said I'll give it sometime.

Rachel: You have to tell her as soon as possible.

(Crystal turns back around and stares at Rachel who was now looking back at her)

Crystal: But you just said …

Rachel: You are pregnant.

(Rachel interrupted)

Crystal: But it says, I'm not for one line.

(Rachel looks back at the stick)

Rachel: There are two lines, now.

Crystal: Oh, no.

(Crystal places both her hands over her face)

Crystal: It must be wrong. I'll test myself, again.

Rachel: Crystal …

(Crystal moves her hands slightly away from her face to see Rachel standing in front of her and she grabs her hands and gently lowered them to her side)

Rachel: Crystal, go and see the doctor. That way you will know for sure.

(Crystal could feel her eyes moistening over)

Crystal: It's not the doctor I'm worried about.

Rachel: I know it isn't but you could at least start there and maybe he can help you.

Crystal: I just dread telling Kelly.

Rachel: What about Rich?

Crystal: I don't know about that.

(Crystal looks down at her feet)

Rachel: You will have to tell him.

Crystal: I know but how?

(Crystal looks back up)

Crystal: I don't want to separate Kelly and Rich.

Rachel: Rich should still support you.

(Crystal could now feel her cheeks getting wet)

Crystal: What am I going to do? I'm going to lose everything, even my friends.

(Rachel digs her hand in her pocket and pulls out a tissue and starts to wipe away Crystal's tears)

Rachel: You will still have me as your friend.

Crystal: But Kelly won't be any more.

Rachel: You didn't deliberately go behind her back.

Crystal: But the point is, I did.

Rachel: Come on, don't cry... You will get through this and I will stay with you every step of the way.

Crystal: You make it sound like a temporary thing. A baby is for life.

Rachel: If you want to keep the baby?

Crystal: I don't want a baby full stop...

Rachel: Well, you can either have an abortion or give the baby up for an adoption.

Crystal: I won't do either of them.

Rachel: There's no other option.

(Crystal takes the tissue from Rachel and wipes her eyes and stares back at her)

Crystal: I never wanted to be pregnant in the first place but now I am, there is no way I will give the baby up.

Rachel: Are you sure?

(Crystal nods her head)

Crystal: I've heard what happens to babies when you give them up and I don't want that to happen.

Rachel: I understand how you feel Crystal but babies are really hard to raise... I'm not saying you couldn't raise a baby. It's just your only 16 and you're still at school.

Crystal: I know all that but there is nothing that would make me give this baby up. Anyway, It'll be the holidays again by the time the baby comes.

Rachel: You still need to see the doctor, then we will take it from there.

Crystal: We?

Rachel: I won't let you go through this alone.

Crystal: Thanks Rach... You truly are a good friend.

(Crystal pulls Rachel into a hug)

Rachel: That's what friends are for. Just make sure I'm the baby's godmother.

Crystal: You sure will be, make no mistake about that.

(Rachel takes a step away from Crystal and smiles at her)

Crystal: I have to write to Kelly and I don't know the best way to tell her.

Rachel: I don't think it would be wise to tell her in a letter.

Crystal: I told her I'd let her know the outcome.

Rachel: I'm not saying don't write to her, just don't tell her who the father is, just yet.

Crystal: I have to...

(Crystal walks back over to her bed and sat down)

Crystal: I promised Kelly I'd tell her who the father was as soon as I found out the truth.

(Rachel walks over to Crystal and sits beside her)

Rachel: Just try and bide your time till you see her, whenever that will be?

(Crystal slowly nods her head)

Rachel: Maybe Rich will tell Kelly the truth, so you won't have to.

(Crystal stares back at Rachel)

Crystal: As good as that sounds, it wouldn't be right if it doesn't come from me.

(Rachel removes her hand)

Rachel: Tell me, Crystal. Do you want something more from Rich?

Crystal: What do you mean?

Rachel: Would you like Rich as a boyfriend?

(Crystal looks surprised)

Crystal: He's already Kelly's boyfriend.

Rachel: Just put it this way. If Rich was single would you go out with him?

(Crystal looks down at their hands)

Crystal: No, I don't think so.

Rachel: Do you feel the same way with Rich that you used to feel for Jeff?

(Crystal looks up at Rachel)

Crystal: Used to? Jeff is different.

Rachel: You mean you still want Jeff.

Crystal: It's all so complicated.

Rachel: What do you mean?

Crystal: I'm not sure how to explain it.

(Rachel let's go of Crystal's hands)

Rachel: Did you do this to get back at him?

(Crystal looks shocked)

Rachel: Did you do this because Jeff wouldn't ask you out?

Crystal: I doubt getting myself pregnant by another guy, would be a way to win Jeff's heart.

Rachel: So, you don't feel anything for Jeff, any more.

(Crystal looks back down at her lap)

Crystal: We're suppose to be talking about my pregnancy, not Jeff.

Rachel: I just thought that if you got pregnant it would have been Jeff's baby.

(Crystal takes a moment before she answers Rachel)

Crystal: Why would you think that?

Rachel: I just assumed Jeff would have been the first guy you would have made love with.

(Crystal slowly lifts her head)

Crystal: There is something else I haven't told you.

(Rachel starts to look worried)

Rachel: What now?

Crystal: Jeff is the first guy I made love to.

(Rachel looks shocked)

Rachel: Really... When was this?

Crystal: My birthday.

(Rachel looks thoughtful)

Rachel: So, Jeff walked you home that night and you both made love.

(Crystal nods her head)

Rachel: This baby could be Jeff's, after all.

Crystal: I had a test done before and I wasn't pregnant, then.

Rachel: Tests aren't always accurate. That's why you always need to double check with a doctor.

(Crystal starts to look scared)

Crystal: No, don't say that... Oh god!

(Crystal places a hand over her mouth in shock)

Rachel: Wouldn't you like it to be Jeff's?

(Crystal slowly lowers her hand and stares at Rachel)

Crystal: I don't want to be pregnant, full stop.

Rachel: Well, it looks like you are. You just need to confirm it with your doctor.

Crystal: What have I done?

(Crystal looks down at her lap and places a hand over her belly)

Crystal: I'm a slut!

(Rachel lifts Crystal's chin back up)

Rachel: You're not the first girl to sleep with two guys.

Crystal: This is a lot worse than I thought.

(Rachel removes her hand)

Rachel: You will have to tell Jeff.

Crystal: What will he think of me, now?

Rachel: This might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Crystal: I doubt that.

(Rachel smiles)

Rachel: Just think, you're going to be a mum.

Crystal: I just don't think I'm ready to be a mum, yet.

Rachel: Well, it looks like you're going to be. Sooner rather than later... Just remember to go and see you're doctor as soon as possible and than you will know how far along you are... Then you will know who the father is.

Crystal: It will be less of a hassle if the baby is Jeff's.

Rachel: You will just have one angry sister.

Crystal: Nothing new there.

Rachel: Is that the only reason you want it to be Jeff's?

Crystal: No... No, of course not.

Rachel: Just answer me this... Do you still have any feelings for Jeff?

Crystal: I... I wasn't sure after what happened between Rich and I but once I saw Jeff, again at the airport... I realised I had made an even bigger mistake... How could I have done this when I still have strong feelings for Jeff?

Rachel: Well, this baby might help you and Jeff to be together.

Crystal: That's if it's his.

Rachel: Even if it's Rich's baby, it might just make Jeff admit his undying love for you.

(Crystal's face broke into a small smile)

Crystal: There is no stopping you.

End of Scene Twenty Three

To Be Continued!