The Life of Crystal White

Scene Twenty five

Nat: A few hours later Crystal makes her way to the beach bar to wait for Kelly. When she gets there she sits down on a bar stool as a waiter came over to her.

Crystal: Just a glass of water please.

(The waiter nods his head and walks away as Crystal looks behind her at the scenic around her)

Guy: You're my kind of girl!

(Crystal turns around to see a guy sitting next to her)

Guy: That's my kind of girl, who orders water!

(The waiter come back over and puts her drink down on the bar and walks away again)

Crystal: Is it now?

(Crystal looks down at her drink and takes a slip)

Guy: Don't mind me; I just thought that might work.

(Crystal puts her glass down and looks towards the guy who was now leaning on the bar right next to her)

Crystal: What might work?

Guy: My chat up line!

Crystal: That was a chat up line! I think you need to try a little harder than that.

(The guy smiles at Crystal)

Guy: Does that mean I have a chance with you?

(Crystal starts to go red)

Crystal: No, I meant…..

Guy: You look so cute when you go red like that. Hot and cute as an angel!

(Crystal smiles a little)

Crystal: No, you still need to try harder.

Guy: Than why are you smiling?

Crystal: It was just really sweet of you to say that.

Guy: You think I'm sweet, do you?

Crystal: Yes, but it still doesn't give you a chance with me.

(The guy leans back on his stool facing Crystal)

Guy: How about this then?

(The guy smiles even more at Crystal and she turns to face him)

Guy: You look so hot sitting there…..

(The guy looks Crystal up and down)

Guy: …. May I help cool you down?

(Crystal laughs a little)

Crystal: That sounded really cheesy!

(The guy leans forward on his stood towards Crystal)

Guy: Did you like it thought?

Crystal: I admit it was better, but it still doesn't work on me.

(The guy leans back on his stool again)

Guy: What does work on you?

Crystal: Chat up lines certainly doesn't!

Guy: What's a guy to do than, to get you to notice them?

Crystal: Just be yourself!

Guy: I am being myself!

Crystal: You don't need to use chat up lines, to be yourself.

Guy: I like chat up lines! Have you got a good chat up line then?

Crystal: I just chat normally!

(Rich leans over the bar again but still facing Crystal)

Guy: Let's chat normally then.

Crystal: Hi I'm Crystal, what's your name?

Guy: Crystal! That's a lovely name; it goes with your Crystal blue eyes!

Crystal: Do you ever give up?

Guy: I like chatting you up.

(Crystal leans on the bar beside him)

Crystal: So what do I call you? Mr Chat up line!

(Crystal smiles at him)

Guy: You can call me whatever you like honey.

(Crystal leans back on her stool again)

Crystal: What's your real name?

Guy: It's Rich!

Crystal: What's that short for?

Rich: It isn't short for anything. My name is Martin, but everyone calls me Rich.

Crystal: Why's that?

Rich: It's my middle name and I like being called Rich.

Crystal: Rich it is then!

(Crystal takes another slip of her drink)

Rich: I really like your voice Crystal.

(Crystal puts her glass back down)

Crystal: Stop with the chat up lines and let's have a normal conversation.

Rich: That was a compliment! You can't take compliments either. My, what a weird girl you are.

Crystal: Very funny, it just sounded like your chat up lines again.

Rich: We can go back to my chat up lines again, if you want?

(Rich grins at Crystal)

Crystal: Do you ever give up?

Rich: Not when there is a pretty girl like you sitting next to me.

Crystal: Let's just have a normal conversation.

(Rich leans back on his stool again)

Rich: What about?

Crystal: Why don't you tell me a little about yourself?

Rich: I'd rather hear more about you.

Crystal: What do you want to know?

Rich: Where do you come from?

Crystal: England!

(Rich laughs a little)

Rich: I kind of guessed that. You speak English!

Crystal: So do you!

Rich: Yes I'm from England too; I moved here about 12 years ago, but we're supposed to be talking about you.

Crystal: We can talk about you too.

Rich: I'm more interested to hear about you. Where in England do you come from?

Crystal: Have you ever heard ofNorthamptonshire?

Rich: Yes, I came from there too. My parents live in Northampton!

Crystal: What a small world!

Rich: Oh I forgot to mention….

(Rich leans forward on his stool)

Rich: …. I own a boat!

Crystal: What sort of boat?

Rich: Not a big boat, but it can go really fast.

Crystal: How fast?

Rich: I could make it to England in a couple of hours.

Crystal: Really, that is fast!

Rich: You must come and see one time; it's so romantic at night with just the moonlight and the stars.

Crystal: It sounds really nice.

Rich: You wouldn't believe how nice, until you see it for yourself.

Kelly: What sounds really nice?

(Crystal turns to see Kelly standing beside her)

Crystal: Rich says he owns a really fast boat.

(Kelly looks at Rich and stares at him)

Kelly: Did he also tell you, it's very romantic at night?

Crystal: Yes he did. Have you been on it?

Kelly: Many of times! Are you still feeding out the same old chat up lines?

Rich: They still seem to work, so why not.

(Crystal watched the conversation between Kelly and Rich)

Kelly: Does it look like they are still working?

(Rich looks at Crystal)

Rich: You like them, don't you Crystal?

(Crystal looks at Rich then turns back to face Kelly)

Crystal: Does he do this to every girl?

(Kelly looks at Crystal)

Kelly: Always! He fed me the same lines 5 months ago.

(Rich looks at Kelly)

Rich: They worked on you.

(Kelly looks back at Rich)

Kelly: Who said they worked on me?

(Rich stands up in front of Kelly)

Rich: We wouldn't where we are now if they didn't.

(Rich places his hand on Kelly's shoulder and stepped closer to her)

Kelly: Don't even think about it.

(Kelly places her hand on Rich's chest and pushed him back)

Rich: Why not?

Kelly: You have bad beer breathe!

(Rich laughs)

Rich: That's never bothered you before.

Kelly: Well it does today!

(Kelly moved to sit on the stool that Rich had been sitting on)

Rich: You still can't deny that my chat up lines worked on you.

(Crystal reaches for her drink again)

Kelly: Even if they did, they certainly don't work now.

Rich: They do!

(Rich crosses his arms in front on him)

Kelly: I don't see Crystal about to jump you any minute.

(Crystal starts to choke on her drink)

Rich: How do you know?

(Rich starts patting Crystal's back)

Kelly: Are you alright Crystal?

Crystal: Yeah I'm fine.

Kelly: Is Rich making you all hot and bothered by his chat up lines?

(Crystal looks at Rich)

Crystal: No he isn't!

(Rich slowly removes his hand)

Rich: Well she isn't going to admit it with you sitting there.

(Crystal looks at Kelly)

Crystal: Are you two going out?

(Kelly smiles at Crystal)

Kelly: Yes, my boyfriend Rich!

Rich: My girlfriend Kelly!

(Kelly and Rich smile at each other)

End of Scene Twenty Five

Note: Of all the guys to be chatted up by and it had to be Kelly's boyfriend! Next scene we will find out how Kelly and Rich met. In the meantime I'm asking nicely if you would please review for me. (I so need more reviews)