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The Life of Crystal White

Scene Twenty Six

Nat: Crystal was still sitting at the beach café talking with Kelly and Rich.

Rich: 5 months, we have been going out now.

Kelly: Long enough!

(Rich places a hand against his chest)

Rich: Oww that hurt!

Kelly: Don't you have other girls to chat up?

Rich: If you wanted to get rid of me, why didn't you just say?

(Rich lowers his hand down to his side again)

Rich: Instead of hurting my feelings!

(Kelly smiles at Rich)

Kelly: Feelings! Do you even know what feelings are?

(Rich steps up closer to Kelly and leans his face closer to hers)

Rich: It seems more than you do.

Kelly: And how do you figure that out?

Rich: If you can insult me than you don't have feelings yourself.

Kelly: Is that you trying to be a wise old man?

(Rich smiles at Kelly)

Rich: If I'm a wise old man, you must be an evil witch!

(Kelly started laughing)

Kelly: An evil witch you say!

(Rich slowly nods his head)

Kelly: I can very easily be that.

Rich: You already are.

Kelly: Is that so?

(Rich pressed his lips against Kelly's lips and kissed her)

Rich: I know so!

(Kelly smiles and places both her hands against Rich's chest)

Kelly: Well this witch needs her wise old man to disappear.

Rich: And if I don't?

Kelly: I'll make you disappear with a puff of smoke.

(Crystal starts to giggle)

Rich: If you do that, you won't have your wise old man torment anymore.

Kelly: Oh, I couldn't have that.

Rich: Admit it; you need your wise old man.

Kelly: I admit I need someone to torment.

(Kelly stood up and pushed against Rich's chest and made Rich step back a couple of steps)

Kelly: But right at this moment I need some time to catch up with a friend of mine.

(Kelly sat back down on the stool staring back at Rich)

Kelly: So will you go and be a wise man to some other girls.

Rich: Why should I….?

(Rich turns to look at Crystal and smiles at her)

Rich: When I quite like the two I have here.

(Rich turns to look back at Kelly)

Kelly: Well at this moment in time I'm not interested.

(Kelly turns to face the bar and speak to the waitress)

Kelly: A tropically cocktail please!

(Kelly turns back to face Rich)

Kelly: Are you still here?

Rich: Have you thought that maybe Crystal would like me to stay?

(Kelly looks over at Crystal who is still watching them both)

Kelly: Would you like Rich to stand there and drool at all?

Crystal: Don't get me involved in this. I'm staying out of it!

Rich: I don't drool!

(Kelly turns back to face Rich)

Kelly: You're always drooling at young girls.

Rich: If you say so, but I'm still not going anywhere.

Kelly: We'll just ignore you then.

(Kelly leans on the bar closer to Crystal as the waitress placed her drink beside her and Kelly placed money on down next to it)

Kelly: Thanks!

(The waitress takes the money and walks away)

Kelly: So Crystal, have you still been continuing your singing?

Crystal: No, I haven't done any singing since you left.

Rich: You can sing as well.

(Crystal turns to face Rich)

Rich: How lucky am I; two beautiful girls who can sing just for me.

Kelly: I'm sure we can change that Crystal.

(Crystal turns back to face Kelly)

Kelly: There is a place in the hotel where you can sing.

Crystal: No thanks!

(Crystal starts to go a little red)

Kelly: Don't tell me you are still shy?

Crystal: I'm not ready to start singing on my own.

Kelly: Do you really think I'd let you do that?

Crystal: Do you mean us two singing together?

Kelly: Yes, why not?

Crystal: I don't know.

Kelly: It would be fun.

(Crystal looks down at her drink and takes a sip)

Kelly: O.K maybe not, but if you change your mind.

(Crystal looks back up at Kelly)

Crystal: I'll let you know.

Kelly: So how's school? You must be doing your G.C.S.E's by now.

Crystal: Yes I am.

Rich: You're still at school!

(Crystal turns to face Rich)

Kelly: So what have I missed in 6 months?

(Crystal turns back to face Kelly)

Crystal: Not much, but I did miss you at my birthday party.

Kelly: I'm sure you still had a good time without me.

Crystal: No, it was very miserable without you.

Kelly: Liar! If I know the others they would never let that happen.

Crystal: No they tried, but they couldn't.

(Crystal looks back down at her drink again)

Rich: I would have found a way to cheer you up.

(Rich leans his face close to Crystal)

Rich: In more ways than one.

Kelly: Yeah right, that wouldn't have happened.

Crystal: I was kidding…..

(Crystal turns to face Rich then to face Kelly has he moved his face away)

Crystal: ….. I had a great night. Rachel even got a boyfriend that night.

Kelly: Oh yeah, who was that?

Crystal: The DJ!

Kelly: I would have loved to have seen that. I bet she couldn't keep her eyes off him.

Crystal: She looked like a love sick puppy.

Rich: If I tried that, do you think it would happen to me.

(Kelly turns to grin at Rich)

Kelly: You would be so lucky.

Rich: I'm sure the girls would be all over me.

Kelly: In your dreams! You would have to change your chat up lines for that to happen.

Rich: Why don't you ever look at me like that?

Kelly: That will be the day.

(Rich looks at Crystal)

Rich: How about you Crystal….?

(Crystal stares back at Rich)

Rich: Would you like me to look at you like that?

(Crystal starts to go red)

Kelly: Stop embarrassing her!

(Kelly looks at Crystal)

Kelly: Don't worry about him, now where were we?

(Just then they heard someone shouting)


(Everyone at the beach café turns to face a guy who is on his knees facing a young girl)

Rich: WHAT?

(Rich grabs hold of the edge of the bar next to Crystal and slowly walks around the bar towards the couple)

Crystal: What's up with Rich?

Kelly: That's Rich's brother over there.

Crystal: He doesn't seem to look happy for him.

Kelly: It's a long story!

(Crystal turns back to face Kelly)

Crystal: Don't they get on?

(Kelly faces Crystal again)

Kelly: Oh Rich and Steve are the best of buddies.

Crystal: Then why isn't he happy for him?

Kelly: Denise and Steve are always at each other's throats.

Crystal: Then why would he propose to her?

Kelly: As I said it's a long story.

(Crystal turns to face the couple again to see the two brothers arguing at each other)

Crystal: Rich must be very shocked then.

(Kelly turns to face them too)

Kelly: Even more shocked when he finds out I knew this was going to happen.

(Crystal turns back to face Kelly who is now looking at her)

Crystal: He isn't going to be very happy with you.

Kelly: What else is new?


(They both turn to face Rich)

Crystal: He sounds really angry.

Kelly: I better go over there and make peace.

(Crystal turns back to face Kelly)

Crystal: Well I best get back or my mum will be out looking for me.

(Kelly turns to look back at Crystal)

Kelly: I could meet you here at the same time tomorrow.

Crystal: I'll be here.

Kelly: We still have plenty to catch up on.


End of Scene Twenty Six

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