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Chapter one: I am not a squirrel.

"Ryder, just wait a second!"

Is it bad that hearing that only made me want to start running away instead of the brisk walk my gait was already at? I mean we have been friends since the second grade, it should count for something but- It's just this image of a bitter monster clawing at me consumed most of my attention so I just sort of went on ignoring that tiny burst of guilt trying to grow like cancer in my head.

"Ryder for god's sake, would you just stop for one second?" I heard Greyson say clearly annoyed that for once in my life I wasn't listening to him. Well, being annoyed suits him, I for one am voting that he makes it part of his everyday wardrobe. Yes, in fact I am fairly certain it would go beautifully with that stupid pocket watch he always has on him.

I just ignore him as I continue walking as fast as I can away from him, but soon enough I hear his footsteps getting faster. I always assumed those things could never actually be heard, just in stupid dramatic movies but I guess we were alone in the halls of our school in the middle of the night. There was just too much of a void of noise that everything was amplified.

I didn't want to run, that would make me feel stupid. I am not some squirrel scurrying away from the big terrifying dog. No, I would not be a squirrel. I stopped and finally turned around.

Okay I was a tiny bit part squirrel. I had every intention of telling Greyson to screw himself but when I actually turned to do it- I was like minter kitten in a teacup. In deeper than I had thought, confused as how I wound up there, convinced that I was only there so someone could get a good laugh, and scared to death that someone might try to drink me.

Okay the last part not so much but I was scared.

"Thank you, God Ryder it's not like we don't live in the same dorm. Where exactly do you think you were going to go to hide?" Greyson smirked apparently not as keen on my body language as I would have hoped.

My jaw clicked together like it was made of Legos.

He rolled his eyes at me. "It was just a dare don't be such a baby."

My mouth popped open. "Oh yeah, excuse me for getting mad that my best friend felt up and made out with the girl I've liked since- like forever!"

He laughed because I assume he was feeling pretty ballsy. "You sound like a girl."

I made a pretty un-manly wine and stomped my foot probably only proving his point instead of actually countering it. I couldn't help it that when I was made I regressed to a five year old.

"Shut-up!" I finally said in a huff.

He laughed a little more obviously enjoying the tiny bit of humiliation he was giving me as icing on the big misery cake. "I'm gay; I don't even like girls so there is nothing to get all worked up about."

"Well then couldn't you have just stopped with a peck on the lips? The dare was a kiss not a grab bag invitation!" I fumed.

He sighed, "That was for you, I thought you might like seeing a bit of a show because you're so scared of actually making a move. I just was giving you something to think about later when you're yanking on yourself while you think I'm asleep."

Humiliation tinted my cheeks and I felt like a shade of color drained from them. "You-you're not a-asleep?" I asked my voice barely audible.

"Are you seriously scared right now? I've known you since I was in fourth grade, I'm not going to hurt you or spread rumors." He said raising an eyebrow. He even sounded a like he was fighting back laughing at me.

"I am not a squirrel!" I shouted at him before scurrying away back to our room, going to the closet and locking myself inside with a few strategically placed storage bins. I know I said I wasn't going to run but I was not expecting that.

It was few minutes before I heard him come in. "Seriously? You left the light on in the room I know you are in here!"

There was a pause in which I figure he either scanned the room for any signs of me, "God get out of the closet." He paused for a second and started laughing. "Seriously a closet? Are you trying to tell me something?"

I felt my cheeks heat up again. "No!- I mean yes! Go away!" I tripped over my words.

I heard him sigh and twist the door knob before trying to push it open.

Ha-ha, no dice amigo.

"What did you do?" He asked, unfortunately sounding more curious than annoyed. I grinned with satisfaction.

He tried to push it open a few more times but to avail. He retreated and plopped himself down on a bed. "It doesn't even matter that I kissed her. Aren't you already promised to some girl from Europe?"

I pause. That was low, especially from him. He knew that I had no control over that. Hell I hadn't even met my betrothed, and if I could help it neither would he; because you see it's not really a girl that I am supposed to marry- it's a boy. I don't think I'd be so mad if it was a girl and I didn't want to start Greyson up on the gay sex teaching experience- I knew for a fact he would use the situation to embarrass me to no end, it's what best friends were for.

I bit my lip engrossed in my thoughts. I would never get to marry Chloe; I just wanted to be her boyfriend while I still could. I just wanted to have my own relationship before I was sent off to fulfill my parents' promises.

"I'm sorry," I head Greyson's voice cut through my thoughts. "I didn't mean to go there, just come out and I promise I won't go near her again and I'll spend the rest of this year making it up to you, just don't sleep in the closet, it's not big enough and you'll hurt yourself."

Well that last bit was true, even though I'm a tiny son- of a bitch- the closet were not really built for people to live inside.

"I'll buy you ice-cream tomorrow…" I heard his voice slip into a tempting offer. Damn best friends, they always knew your Achilles heel.

I opened the door still mad, purely doing it because ice cream was equivalent to god.

Greyson grinned at me, bright blue eyes sparkling at me only being shaded by his messy black locks. "I don't know why I didn't go with ice-cream from the beginning. You'd whore yourself for it."

I laughed actually finding his insult on my morals funny. Keep me from the sweet milky goodness for too long and I probably would. "Ice-cream is my only true love." I stated in a deadpan.

"Now why couldn't your parents have promised you to it?"

"I don't know, I would certainly love to give it a thorough fuck." I joked back to him earning myself a wide smile and a chuckle.

"Ah but ice-cream could not give them beautiful half European grandchildren could it?" He asked lightly making me laugh but for a different reason than he might think. I was not picturing what my children would look like if they were half ice-cream but I was laughing at the irony.

The guy I was supposed to marry in three years couldn't really do that either. Unless I missed one big class in biology.

"Hey, if you don't mind me asking, is she hot?" For a second I didn't get what he was asking but soon the light bulb I was convinced lived in my head turned on.

"Oh uh, no, not really my type." Okay so it was true what I was saying, mainly because a dick resided where feminine parts were supposed to be.

He snorted at my bluntness. "Is she a three-hundred pound heifer with a beard?"

"No," I laughed picturing what he thought my future bride looked like.

He nodded looking like he was giving it serious thought, "Ah, so you're into that kind of thing."

"Yep, more to love." I joked back smiling. It was really too hard to stay mad at the bastard.

"Is she a Were too?" His question was pretty innocent but I felt my jaw freeze. I couldn't think up a good enough lie fast enough so the truth just kinda slipped out, I just hate it when that happens.

"Uh no, she's um, an Elf or Fae or something." I muttered out and I felt a smack on my arm.

"What are you talking about Elves and Fae are like extremely hot, no way for them not to be. You little bitch holding out on me!"

"I just said not my type, I didn't say ugly."

"How is she not your type?" He asked seriously. Apparently thinking no Fae or Elf was deniable.

"Uh, she- too skinny, and uh, kind of bitchy looking."

His jaw dropped slightly and he looked like his mind had been blown. "All of them do that's why they're hot."

I clenched my jaw. "Well, it's not what I'm into. I like hips and big breasts and dark hair. I like Chloe." I said whining a bit. Like I mentioned before, I really am a five year old in disguise.

"Elves have hips and boobs," He pointed out much to my logics dismay. "And Fae are hypnotizing. They aren't all flat either, dude seriously have you ever met one? Plus those species are both known for being great in bed."

"So is Chloe." I whined again. Seriously I just wanted Chloe. I mean one girl is that too much to ask?

He just gave me an annoyed look. "Whatever, I'm going to bed we have classes in five hours, I recommend you do the same."

"Don't tell me what to do," I said acting like a child again. Although I was tired and did crawl into my bed.

The next morning I jumped on Greyson to wake him up. "Ice-cream! Ice-cream!" I chanted like a zombie in need of brains.

He pushed me off him and I landed with a thunk on the ground. That wasn't very nice. "Ow," I rubbed at my bruised bottom.

"Zombies don't feel pain." He told me. Such a caring friend. "If you are going to pretend to be one play the part."

"Screw you," I said standing up, I already knew his annoying answer which he said every time I said something like it.

I mouthed the words as he said them. "Any time, any place, just let me know- I'll buy the condoms."

"Shut-up," I told him. It was really getting old.

He shrugged and made his way to our bathroom. "I'm just going to shower and then I'll meet you in the café- you really shouldn't eat ice-cream for breakfast but my wallet is in my pants from last night so help yourself."

I grinned devilishly.

"No more than ten dollars you mooch." He said before closing the bathroom door behind him. Damn it.

I went to the soft serve machines and grabbed a cereal bowl before pulling all three levers releasing their inner greatness in to the bowl. Technically I was supposed to use the smaller bowls for ice-cream but technically I didn't care. I mean honestly if they wanted to enforce that rule they should guard the machines more closely.

I sat down at our table next to Logan who was not a lazy ass like Greyson. He eyed my bowl of ice-cream and shook his head. Logan was one of those health nuts that believed desert should only be eaten in small portions after a meal. He had no vision of real happiness.

I could tell he was somewhat grossed out at me when I picked up a huge spoon full of a mixture of chocolate and strawberry. I put it in my mouth and grinned.

"You are going to get fat and die." He told me trying to refocus on his so-called balanced breakfast.

"I haven't yet, have I?" I said back cheekily.

"No, but you are on the race track towards diabetes."

I smiled. "I'm I winning?"

"Yes you are and the grand prize is acidic blood and fainting spells." I just laughed at his answer and took another bite of ice-cream.

"I told you ten- not twenty you klepto." I felt Grey hit the back of my head with his hand. Still he made no move to actually get his money back so I guess I ultimately won.

I just ignore him and continue eating my apology he so graciously gave me. Is it bad that my affection can be bought via food? Probably, but I am a guy so I guess it can't be helped.

After breakfast I went to my first period class. It sucked that my friends were all two to three years old than me. It might make class more enjoyable if they were actually in any of them with me. At least Chloe was in some of them and made the day not so long by just sitting there and looking pretty.

I wasn't really one of her friends but I was close enough to her were saying what's up wasn't very strange.

"Hey Chloe, Ana, Terra." I greeted her friends as well. "What's with all the chatter? Still traumatized over Greyson? I hear someone created a support group for those unfortunate souls ever to be touched by him." They laughed knowing that it was just a joke. It was common knowledge we were best friends and that we regularly liked to insult each other. Just no one else could unless they wanted to be seriously injured.

"Nah, actually we were talking about what Terra overheard working in the office last night." That's right the usually wild half demon was not at the party last night. I should have noticed.

"Ah, has word gotten out how great a lover I am? I knew I should have never trusted Mrs. Parson with that information." I joked. I hope that my little suggestion would get stored in the back of Chloe's cute little brunette head.

Terra rolled her eyes at me. "Unfortunately no, you are not the chatter among the staff."

I nodded. "Well good then, I wouldn't want just anyone to know that."

"Actually it's about a Fae transferring here in the next couple weeks. Supposedly he's some big deal. I don't get why he's coming here though, there are much better schools for Fae, and we only have like five others." Ana informs me while dissing the school. She was a Fae herself; and she would probably kill to go to an all Fae school. Like the majority of them she thought she was better than most of us here.

I rolled my eyes she really was over dramatic. "There are thirty Fae here and we have five classes designed for your magic stop whining."

Chloe smirked apparently liking my comment I get the feeling she didn't care much for Ana either. It's just populars stick together.

"Well there are only five in our grade."

"Oh so he's our grade?" I asked. Great another guy to compete with for Chloe.

Terra shook her head. "No, he's actually in Greyson's grade."

That was actually kind of worse. I didn't want Greyson to find a sexual maniac and take over our room with his wild sex life.

Not that he has before. None of the gays at our school really interested him. I just didn't need some Fae coming and screwing it all up.

I swear if I ever walk in on Greyson having sex I'm going to rip my eyes out and run them through a blender.

I prayed for him to be straight, most Fae aren't but I had been blessed that the few that were male at our school were straight as arrows. I think that's were calling gays fairies came from.

Still it was enough cause for alarm that my interest was peeked. It was unfortunate that the bell rang and class was about to begin. I really would have liked to find out more.

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