Not For You

World may be cloudy but there is no more rain
The storms have stopped but the damage's been done
It's time to step out and clean up all the pain
That occurred when two became one.

I'm picking up all the pieces on my own
I'll teach myself how to put them together
With my friends I will never truly be alone
And turmoil like this again I'll never

Subject myself to—I nearly lost it all
Over time you became more than I could take
Always came running whenever you would call
But now my happiness I will no longer fake.

Our fairy tale slowly began to fade away
Until there was absolutely nothing left
Causing us to battle in these constant frays
Right before our love shed its final breath.

I write these words to tell you that I'll survive
That I can be okay without you at my side
And hopefully one day I'll be able to thrive
Even though the love we had has died.

But it's not like the time you'll ever find
To read my thoughts, my feelings, my words
Why you've probably already left me far behind
And my story will simply go unheard.

But fine by me, if you don't care any more
Won't waste my time feeling sad or the slightest blue
And I'm sure you're convinced who this poem is for
But you're wrong—it's for me, and not for you.