Well, we have the return of Marco, my favorite sadist. I don't know why I keep returning to him. I suppose it's just that, as a character, he intrigues me, and there are all these different, disconnected stories that make Marco, Marco. So Marco comes back again. And he'll probably come back again sometime in the future. As always with Marco, it's only considered 'Romance' because it goes with 'My Pet.' Anything with Marco in it will be Romance because it all plays into why Marco behaves the way he does in 'My Pet' which is a Romance. This story though isn't actually a romance.

Warnings: As with all stories involving Marco, this story IS slash, does contain content not appropriate for younger people, does contain language, and does contain rape. And in this story (unlike the others) it could actually be defined as rape, since Marco isn't a vampire when it occurs. So you have been warned. It's rated M for a reason.

If any of the above bother you please, do yourself and me a favor and just click the little back arrow at the top left of your screen. Everyone involved will be happier.

Finally, this story goes with both 'Delicious' and 'My Pet.' Chronologically it happens about 1850 years before 'My Pet.' ('My Pet' was the first one I wrote that contained Marco; therefore everything will be based off of that one, not 'Delicious.')

"Marce" is pronounced "mar-kay" and is the vocative form of "Marcus."

"domine" is pronounced "dome-ee-nay" and is the vocative form of "dominus," the Latin word for "master."

And when Marco calls the woman 'of barbarian descent' because of her blonde hair, that is a Roman stereotype, that only barbarians have fair hair.

Kiyoshi'sGirl64 and Kiyoshi

I walked down the dark street. I didn't bother to carry a lamp with me. I knew the way to his house. I could have walked the path there in my sleep. It was only a few minutes before I knocked on the door. He answered almost immediately. I could tell he had been waiting for me. That was good. He hadn't forgotten who was in charge. It may have been his house, but I was the master when I was there.

He closed the door, shaking. "P-please, Marce," he whispered, using my name.

"What did you call me?" I hissed.

"P-please, domine," he corrected himself, calling me master instead. Good. He hadn't completely forgotten his place. "Not tonight."

"And why not tonight?" I asked.

"I-I-I don't feel well," he stuttered.

"That is hardly my problem," I answered, leading him down the familiar halls of his home to his bedroom.

Once there I removed my tunic and he reluctantly got down on his knees and sucked my cock. "Harder," I commanded. He did as I asked. He was finally figuring out how to do this properly. I bit back a groan at the feel of his lips on me. It was better if he didn't know how much I was enjoying this. If he thought he had done poorly, he would try harder the next time. So I reached out and embedded my fingers in his hair, pulling his head forward, shoving myself farther into the hot space. It was moist and pleasant, and I enjoyed the vibrations caused every time he gagged because I was pushing myself farther down his throat than his body could handle. He did his best to continue sucking, but his gag reflex was going full tilt. I still enjoyed it. More perhaps, since he was choking. I liked it that he knew who was in charge. I liked it that he knew he had to give me whatever I wanted whether he wanted to or not, even if it made him uncomfortable.

And then my seed spilled out and he really began choking. "Swallow," I commanded. "Don't try to spit it out." He did as I told him to. And then he continued sucking, licking away what he had missed. "That's quite enough." I had bigger and better things in mind for tonight.

He looked relieved as he stood and wiped his mouth off. "Th-thank you, domine," he whispered, knowing he was expected to thank me for spending my precious time with him.

"I never said we were done," I answered. "Undress."

"Wh-what?" he stuttered.

"Remove your clothing," I ordered. "Now."

He was shaking as he did what I asked. "Marce…"

"No," I corrected. "You are not fit to speak my name. Lie down on the bed. Now."

He didn't move. I smiled. So he was going to be defiant. He hadn't done anything to stop me thus far. But to have him fight back would make this that much more entertaining. So I grabbed him and threw him onto the bed. I climbed on top of him, pinning his arms above his head with one of my hands. And then I thrust into him. He was hot and wet and very, very tight. I licked my lips. It was marvelous. Especially the shriek that accompanied it.

"That's it," I encouraged him. "Scream. Scream because you like it. I know you like it."

I continued thrusting into him, increasing my pace as I got worked up by his screams. I thrust into him harder, going deeper than before, and he shuddered as I hit the spot that would cause him unbelievable amounts of pleasure if he had been ready for this. Good thing I wasn't particularly concerned with giving him pleasure. All that mattered was that I was happy. But feeling his muscles clench tight around me as he shuddered when I hit that spot was particularly erotic. So I did my best to continue hitting that spot.

The ride got smoother after a bit, the blood lubricating the motion. Which was unfortunate. The smoother ride meant it hurt less, meaning his screams lessened to stifled sobs. When this happened, I shoved myself into him one last time, hard, and then pulled out. The last thrust earned me a loud shriek of pain.

I climbed off of him and dragged him off the bed. "Clean me," I commanded. He whimpered and sobbed as he licked and sucked me clean. In the lamplight I could see the blood that was on the bed, and I was sure there was more dripping from between his legs. I knew he would be sore the next day, but that just made me relish the conquest more. His pain would continue long after I left him.

After a few moments, I patted his head. "That's enough."

"Th-thank y-you, d-d-domine," he whimpered, remaining on his knees.

"You're quite welcome," I replied as I dressed. "I'll see myself to the door."

As I walked back home, reveling in the memory of how tight he was, of how good it felt to force myself into that space, of how pleasing those screams were, a woman approached me. Her hair was very light, as though she was of barbarian descent, but she wore Roman garb. Actually, she wore the extra-large tunic of Roman prostitutes. I grinned. If she was a man, perhaps I would be interested. On the other hand, why would I spend money on prostitutes when I had my own toy that I didn't need to pay anything for?

"Come, Marco," she whispered. I didn't know how she knew my name, but neither did I particularly care. "I know you want me." I didn't respond, just walked by her. She followed me. "Marco," she said, and I didn't bother to correct her. Then, suddenly she was in front of me, saying, "I could hear you with Cassius. And I know you want more. I know you only stopped because you are merciful. If you want… you could just pretend I was Cassius… I would scream for you until I lost my voice. Would you like that?"

I did like that. And with her, I wouldn't have to pretend I was trying to hurt her. I could do other things to make her screams real. So I nodded. And then she was on top of me, her mouth at me throat. I felt a sharp stab of pain. I struggled to get away, but she was strong, stronger than me. She wasn't human. Then she bit her hand and when the blood had welled up in her palm, she pressed it to my neck. She was mixing my blood with hers.

She smiled wickedly. "It's too late for you, Marcus. You will be like me within twenty four hours."

I stared back at her. "And what exactly are you?"

"A vampire. If you don't come with me, the sun of the day will kill you."

I followed her. She led me back to a dark hole. As the day progressed I discovered I could see in spite of the fact that there was no light. And then I began to notice that my heart was beating very slowly, and that I didn't really feel as though I needed to breathe. She grinned. "Now all that remains is for your teeth to come in, my dear Marco."

I stared back at her. Then she suddenly clamped shackles onto me and ripped my clothes off. She began touching me, and my mouth began to water. "You like this, Marco?" she asked.

I didn't answer. I wasn't sure I could. I couldn't seem to move my arms. And then she impaled herself upon me. I hissed. I didn't like this. I hated the fact that I wasn't in charge. But she just continued, moving herself up and down, on and off of me. I growled. Her only response was to laugh. "I'm sorry I'm not your type, Marco. But you are my type. So I shall keep you here with me."

Then she left. Something was itching at the back of my mind. I didn't know then that vampires have an unseen connection to the night, one that tells us when it's safe to go out. When she returned she had another man with her. She grinned and bit his neck. Then she unshackled me. Not that it really mattered. If I had wanted to get away, my magic was strong enough that I could have overpowered hers. Then she shoved the man at me. "Have fun, my dear. You should probably just skip the sex this time, lest the wound close. Your teeth haven't come in yet. You won't be able to bite him yourself."

I glare at her as I lick his blood up, drinking it as it pulses from his neck. I'm careful not to miss any of it. When he's dry, she says, "Impressive. Most young ones miss a lot of the blood their first time around. Perhaps, my dearest Marco, you were born to be turned."

The next night she let me go out with her and took me back to her real lair, where there were three others. All of them were male. It was truly unfortunate they were not human. If they were human I could have seduced them and taken them for myself. As it was, they had no interest in me. They all liked women.

Each day the woman, who called herself Emira, would chain me to a wall, touch me till I got hard and then force herself on me. I allowed her to do this. I could have gotten away. But that would hardly have gotten me anywhere. It simply would have angered her.

And then one night she let me go out, warning me, "Come back before dawn, Marco, or the sun will burn your pretty little skin. And if you don't come home, but you make it through the day, I will hunt you down. You belong to me, Marco."

I belonged to no one. With the petty wards that seemed to be the most she could work, she was really no match for me. But whatever made her happy. I went to Cassius' house and knocked. He was shaking when he answered the door. "Can I come in?" I asked, having been told that I must be invited in.

He nodded in fright. Perfect. I could take him now. And this time, the beautiful blood would not leak onto the bed and be wasted.

I led him to his own bedroom, and he followed hesitantly. When I undressed, he got down on his knees. But I was feeling impatient. "No," I said. "Undress."

He squeaked but did as I said. Then he laid down on the bed without being told to do so and gripped the edges, his face scrunched up. I pushed into him. Over and over again. A few times I pushed into him far enough that I was sure something was ripping inside him. And I could smell the blood. It was sweet. And I continued. I never got tired, and this time the pain was evidently great enough that the blood wasn't enough of a lubricant. His shrieks only stopped when his voice began to fade. Then he passed out from exhaustion.

I pulled out and sucked up the blood that was pouring from his still tight hole. It didn't taste pure, but it was blood and it wasn't to be wasted. Once it had stopped, I sunk my sharp teeth into his neck to open the flow there. And I drank until there was nothing more to drink.

And I knew that I could get used to this life.