A.N. After realizing how I feel, this is what I wrote down…..which must explain the title.


One touch

And their eyes meet

They are the couple

That are just too sweet

You see them talking

And there it starts

All that love

Grows in their hearts

I wish to be her

Not for her man

But to know the feel

Of another's hand

It gets lonely

At my age

To spend all your time

On a metaphorical stage

To always lie

To never know

To hold in emotion

That you can't show

I'm the girl

So sweet and pure

That lives with emotions

That she can't endure

Forgive me for the way

I never say yes

It's just too much

When your whole life's a test

I'm the girl

Who's never been kissed

The one who thinks

She'll never be missed

I'm sixteen

I've never had sex

All the adults say

It's for the best

That's one statement

I can't believe

It's not healthy

At least not to me

I want to be happy

I want to feel joy

But that isn't easy

When you're seen as a toy.