monday morning sun
october lies
(september 6th, 2011. 11:18PM)

i was yours in one night,
the irony tasteless, welcome.

wanting nothing more than what you'd give,
i knew the higher i dreamt,
the bigger the letdown.
but there we were,
with your wolverine smiles in the dark,
leftover beer on our breaths and
stale smoke clinging to our words,
we watched as the moon sunk low
and even faster, i fell.
as your fingers ghosted over my bones and
traced the burns on my skin,
we hushed one another with our lips
and plastic crackling beneath our backs.
the musty basement as the backdrop,
you curled your body around mine,
and whispered into my ear as we
awaited the monday morning sun.

i've never had anything quite like what i have with you.
there is nothing i wouldn't do to make you happy.