Even in the gardens of eternal life
would they have people
drowning in misery
for the life that will never end.
That's why in this life,
if one day I get taken away
by the angels sent by Him,
don't blame anyone.
There's no need to blame someone
for passing away of someone dear to you.
because everything has to come to an end.
The once pretty roses would
have to wither one day, and die away-
And I'll leave this world
with a smile on my face so maybe you
don't have to feel so sad,
I don't want you to face me
with a frown so filled with sorrow.
You realize, that one day your life has to end
and you can't stop it.
We're lucky to be born in this world,
to be given a chance to breathe
the scent of mother nature.
So please, smile.
I love your beautiful smile.
It's the last thing I'd want to see.
I never want to see another frowning face
or a sobbing voice.
so I'd leave with no regrets...