Sitting on cloud nine,

you glow brighter as

sunshine as you dine

with a beautiful angel.

Successful, life treats

you as kindly as wine

and you never have

a reason to whine.

Patiently, I wait for

the day when I meet

my own special valentine.

Sometimes things are

not always fine with me

and I can become bored

with this life of mine. I

am truly happy for you

although I may be feeling

alone and coming undone.

I am a lily of the valley who

is need of a silly joke. We

are family, you are a total

life saver. You see me at

my weakest and darkest

times, but you are still able

to see the best in me.

Unpredictable, life is short

and I am in desperate need

of your support. Your unconditional

love means everything to me. There

isn't anything exciting happening to

me these days, but I am still longing

to find a meaning for this life of mine.

I am longing to become something

beautiful, legendary and divine. I hold

on to the promise that I may be the

next one in line for a blessing very soon.