It was the first day back at school, and 15 year old Chloe Jesope ended up sleeping through her alarm. Knowing she would, Mrs Jesope came into the room as soon as the alarm stopped and pulled back the curtains. Chloe groaned as the morning sun shone through her window and tried to pull the cover over her head. But Mrs Jesope pulled the covers right off the bed, forcing Chloe to get out of bed. "Hurry up and I'll give you a lift to school," Mrs Jesope said before walking out of the room. Chloe yawned and ran a hand through her hair, making it stick out more. It was mid-length, slightly wavy and black with blonde on the top layers of the bottom half of the hair and she'd only just sorted out her roots the day before so it was perfect for school. After a quick shower Chloe changed into the school Uniform for Morrissey Private School- the black, purple and red tartan check pleated skirt, white shirt, purple jumper and purple blazer, finishing it off with black tights and black biker books. She brushed through her hair, and then ran her fingers through it to make it a little bit more messy.

She then grabbed her pink and black checked school back pack and headed downstairs, where her little brother Harry was finishing off his breakfast, wearing the blue jumper and black trousers uniform of Morrissey Private Junior School. Chloe ruffled his brown hair and grabbed herself some toast and a glass of orange juice, and then sat down at the kitchen table, got out her mobile and started texting her friends. The doorbell went and a few moments later Mrs Jesope came into the kitchen followed by Gina Rosilin, one of Chloe's best friends.

Gina was in her school uniform, with black t-bar shoes and tights, her mid-length light brown hair perfectly straight and her red shoulder school bag in her hand. "Wow, you're up," Gina said when she saw Chloe. "There was me thinking you'd still be in bed."

"Mum dragged me out of bed," Chloe said putting her mobile back into her bag.

"Better than me dragging you out of bed."

"I'm off to work," Mrs Jesope said coming into the kitchen and grabbing her car keys. "Harry, get your bag and I'll give you a lift."

"What about me?" Chloe asked as Harry left the room to get his bag.

"You haven't finished your breakfast yet. Better hurry up though or you'll be late for school."

"Like Gina will let that happen."

Mrs Jesope left the kitchen and Gina grabbed a piece of toast as Chloe finished off her orange juice, got the last piece of toast and put her bag over her shoulder. They then left the house, Chloe locking the door before they headed down the drive way and down the road towards the school.

At the corner of their road, they met up with Tori Evans and Jenny Price, two other members of their group of friends. They were both in the school uniform, Tori with knee high socks, with her long blonde with brown streaked hair in loose bunches, and her purple back pack over one shoulder, and Jenny in tights, her long red hair clipped back in a ponytail and her 70s tan coloured school satchel on her shoulder. Walking in front of them was Jenny's 13 year old sister, Lucy, with multiple hair clips and slides in her blonde hair, and Ami Chou, Lucy's half Japanese, Half Chinese best friend, her long black hair in a ponytail. "Why are they all the way over there?" Chloe asked.

"Lucy has some big plan," Jenny said. "Best to keep out of it."

"Big plan for what?" Gina asked.

"She isn't telling us," Tori said. "But it seems it's more of Thaila's plan."

"No doubt we'll find out from Tess then. Where is she?"

Tori and Jenny just shrugged as Gina got out her mobile to start texting the only person in their group of friends that didn't live in the rich part of Transom Hull.

Tess Bexley was just living the little cottage that stood next to the church where her father was the local vicar. Her long brown hair was left down and she was in knee high socks and black trainer pumps with her Morrissey school uniform, her Doctor Who print school bag over her shoulder. Her 13 year old sister Thaila followed her out of the house, wearing the green and blue tartan check pleated skirt, white shirt and green blazer school uniform for Transom Hull Comp. Her long black hair was tied up with a green ribbon, her black and red frilled school pack back on her shoulders. Their mum waved them off as they headed down the pathway, crossing the road to the Transom Hull library, where Robert Roberts-AKA Rob Robs and Thaila's best friend- was sitting on the bench outside the old Victorian building, in the green blazer, grey trousers, white shirt and green and blue stripped tie that was the Transom Hull Comp boys uniform. He's brown hair was messy and his Nike back pack was at his feet, open as he finished off some last minute summer homework.

"I thought you said you'd finished that," Tess said.

"I will have in a few moments," Rob Robs answered, not looking up.

"We need to get a move on!" Thaila said picking up Rob Robs' bag and forcing him to put his school book and pencil case back in. Tess's bus arrived and she shouted a quick goodbye to them as they headed down the street, then got on, reading the text from Gina and texting her back to say she was on her way and she'll meet them outside of school.

Ben Lacker pulled up into the school car park and parked up his pale green 60s Vespa scooter. He took off his helmet and ran a hand through his blondish brown hair, before turning the engine off and putting the keys in the vintage satchel bag that was over his shoulders. He was in the Morrissey boys' school uniform of a purple blazer, black trousers, white shirt and purple, red and black stripped tie, even though he was in his last year of sixth form. All sixth formers still had to wear the uniform, only getting to wear their own clothes on a Friday. Ben started heading for the main building of the old tutor mansion that had been converted into Morrissey Private School, just as the bell went. While all the high school students went running into the building to get to their form room, Ben just walked on at normal pace, not having to go to a form room for registration. He spotted Jenny, Tori, Gina, Chloe and Tess heading inside and he ran over to say hi. "Hey Mr Head Boy," Chloe said.

"I won't know if I've got it until I get to the common room," Ben said as they made their way into the building.

"Oh it's in the bag," Jenny said giving Ben a quick kiss on the lips. "Catch ya at break!"

"If I'm not forced to spend it in the library."

And with that the girls headed up the stairs to the second floor, while Ben headed for the west wing that was for sixth formers only. He hadn't been worried about who would be head boy until Chloe had mentioned it and now he wanted to get there as quickly as he could, just to find out if he had got it.

Sitting at the back of classroom 2B was Steven Ramsey, his back pack on the table in front of him. A lot of his class mates were already coming in and taking their usual places, catching up on gossip from the summer. He looked up to see Chloe come rushing into the classroom, followed by Tori, Jenny, Gina and Tess. Chloe ruffled Steven's light brown hair before sitting down next to him. "Where were you this morning?" Gina asked as the rest of the girls sat down in the rest of the seats along the back table.

"I got in early," Steven said. "Wanted to sign up again for the football team. Might make captain this year."

"So we'll have the head boy and captain of the football team amongst our friends," Chloe said. "Think that'll make us cooler?"

"I didn't think you cared about that," Tori said.

"As if you lot will be the coolest people in school," a voice they all wished they didn't have to hear said. They looked up to see Sasha Jones standing over them, a pink ribbon clip in her long, light brown wavy hair. On either side of her was her two sidekicks, Beth Smith, a blue ribbon clip in her dark brown curly hair, and Danielle Valley, a black ribbon clip in her long, perfectly straight light brown hair. They took one look at Tess's bag and turned their noses up at it. "Is that your new bag scholarship girl?" Sasha asked in horror.

"Got a problem with it?" Tess shot back.

"Not exactly Prada is it?"

"Why don't you do what the bag says and shut up?" Chloe shot back in Tess's defence. Sasha and Beth just gave the gang an evil look and turned round to sit down at the table in front. But Danielle kept staring at Tess's bag, looking confused.

"But it doesn't say to shut up," Danielle said after a little while. "It says silence will fall."

"Same thing," Chloe said as Beth got up and made Danielle sit down. Mr Flourish, their form teacher, came into the room, making anyone who hadn't taken their seats rush to sit down. Except for the seven girls who always sat at the front, known as the Floupies because they all had a crush on Mr Flourish, who all stood up and waited until Mr Flourish told them to sit down before they did.

"Good morning class. And welcome back," Mr Flourish said putting his piles of books down on the desk. "Now before I start registration I have a few announcements to make. First, the school newspaper has an opening for a new editor. If you're interested, then you can go to the school library at lunchtime and talk to Mrs Kelswood about it." This announcement made Chloe sit up. Being an investigative reporter was her dream and she was already on the school paper. But to be editor would be awesome. She gave a quick glance at the others, who were all looking at her with knowing looks. They all knew Chloe had to go for the job, and had to get it.