One day in the Land of Eeee, there were 3 adventurers named Ray, Bob, and Joe who was unconscious on the sand of the Cheese Beach.

"Ughh" Ray groaned.

"My head hurts" Joe said faintly.

"Where are we?" Bob questioned.

The three of them looked around.

"It looks like we are on a beach" Joe answered.

"No duhh" said Bob.

"hmmp" Joe grunted .

"Hey guys don't fight, we don't know how we ended up here and how to get out so, let's just calm down and think of a plan together" Ray said responsively

Then bob and Joe muttered something Ray couldn't hear.

Ray though they were saying stupid things about her and got angry.

"HEY I DON'T REALLY HAVE DO THIS WITH YOU GUYS, I COULD THINK OF A PLAN MYSELF AND LEAVE YOU GUYS STRANDED HERE ALONE" Ray shouted. "Fine fine, we well be calm and think up a plan together" Bob and Joe muttered to Ray. "Ok good, so what should we do first?" Ray questioned. "What I thought you already knew the plan already" Bob said surprisingly. "Keep your ears open Bob, I said we have to make up the plan T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R" Ray said.

"Well, why don't we go to that village over there" Joe said as he pointed to a small village to far from the beach.

"Hmm that's pretty much a good idea! We can ask the people how we got here" Ray exclaimed

Suddenly a Joe and Ray heard a big grumble.

"W-what was that?" Joe said as he shivered.

"I-I don't know" Ray shuttered.

"Uh, hello? It was my stomach "Bob muttered.

"Oh thank goodness it was" said Ray as he went calm.

"Maybe the villagers have food there" Joe said as he stopped shivering.

"Wait a minute…" Bob said

He smelled something…

Something delicious….

Something like CHEESE!

But where is the cheese smell coming from?