I have no idea what this is! But I'm still gonna post it :)

All on my own
I fell
All by myself
I cried
The noise so loud
It was prettifying

Alone I lived
What could have been my own
All alone in a secret corner room
Wedged with lace and guarded treasurers
I slept

Dry tears clinging from a face
Once beautiful Divine
Given over to fragments of dust
Each one broken
As if an epidemic existed

All alone
With nothing
A worthless life slipping
A broken doll of porcelain
All alone drying tears
All alone cold and hollow
Like snow white
So pale from the treacherous apple
With nothing left
Not even a heartbeat
To awaken thee
From the poison of loneliness

Slipping away
All alone
Inside a lighted room
No corners traced
By anything but light
Slivering Shattering
Onto the dawn
Of an empty morning
All alone
The lone wolf
Not reaching home