I've got just one regret

But don't hold your breath

because now, we're far too late

the world keeps turning,

bringing us farther and farther away

from that last goodbye

And now, the clock keeps ticking

And the miles keep spinning

and we're only held together by memories

Memories of dancing in the shadows

sharing secrets in the rain

your sweet breath on my cheek

gentle hands, around my waist

Sometimes, if I listen closely

I can hear your voice on the wind

humming a timeless melody

Yet, I can't get you off my mind

All these incessant thoughts

Of you, and of a tomorrow

and then it hits me,

that you're a thousand miles away

And no, I'm not trying to play games,

I'm not used to this

not used to the distance

And maybe, I should have taken the chance

While we were still in heaven

and I could have given you a proper goodbye

And we could have kissed

But you just slipped past

and now we're stuck in this purgatory

somewhere between friends and lovers

I don't know how to fix it

but I always know how to fix things

So tell me,

what am I supposed to do

when you slowly disappear

Who will I have then?

Please don't drift away

You're all I have left.