Everyone has a Guardian Angel that watches over them. From the moment they're born to the day they die, their Guardian Angel keeps an eye on them and keeps them as far away from danger as they can.

Of course, Guardian Angels can only do so much. They can only save their assigned human from certain death once without getting harmed, themselves. Once they save the person, once, they essentially become mortal and are as vulnerable as man is himself.

Of course, though, they still have certain powers. Such as the ability to fly, turn invisible and enter their assigned human's body in order to keep them from getting harmed. Of course, doing so uses up so much of their energy that they can only do it once, maybe twice a month.

A Guardian Angel is the reflection of their human's soul. If a person is kind, and generous their Guardian Angel will be as well. If a person is horrible and selfish, their Guardian Angel will slack off, too. It also means that even though they are essentially above things such as gender, they will appear to be the same sex as the person to which they are assigned.

Do not illusion yourself with the thought that Guardian Angels cannot lie. In fact, they do that quite often if it is necessary to protect their humans. Sometimes, they'll even do it just for fun. They are just as imperfect as we man are.

Most people never know they have a Guardian Angel, nor do they ever get to meet them. For most people stay so safe that their Guardian Angel is never needed. There is, however, that tiny chunk that do.

This is a story about one of those few people….

Chapter 1

"Do my eyes look like Daddy's?"

Those were the first words Scarlet Greene heard from her younger sister's mouth. At the time she hadn't known how to answer. If she were to say yes, those big blue orbs would glow just as her father's used to when she was little. And Scarlet couldn't handle that.

So instead she just turned away and completely ignored her sister, as if she'd never even asked the question.

Okay, so maybe that hadn't been the greatest plan since later she had to hunt the crying girl down and promise her that she didn't hate her and that the only reason she didn't answer was because it was hard to think about those kinds of things. Which, in return only made her sister cry, more, and apologize for being such a "nuisance."

"Scar!" Scarlet was brought out of her thoughts to the sound of her younger brother, Jonsey's crying of her name.

"What?" she asked, casting her brown eyes down on the blonde boy.

"Monica and Rob are here to pick you up." Jonsey stuck out his tongue at her like the childish 4-year-old he was.

Scarlet sighed, before standing up and kissing him on the head. Jonsey blanched as she stood up and wiped the top of his head as if she had germs or something.

"Ew!" he whined. "Cooties!"

Scarlet chuckled, rolling her eyes, before walking towards the door. "Love you too, bro." she said, with a smirk thrown over her shoulder. "Tell Joan I say 'bye'"

"The lesser of two evils." Jonsey growled, before running off to play in his room. He stuck his head out, smiling. "Oh, and happy birthday evil woman!"

Smiling, Scarlet opened her door to reveal her two best friends Monica and Rob waiting in Rob's new convertible. As always, they were holding hands-the two of them were always holding hands since they started going out five months ago.

"Hey, Mon!" Scarlet smirked, hopping over the door into the back. "How's it going?"

"So lala." Monica was half German, so she there were times that she answered in her "foreign" language. "We still skipping, today?"

Scarlet chuckled, "It's my birthday, isn't it?"

"I suppose it is." Monica smirked, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. "So, usual place?"

"Duh." every year when it was one of their birthdays, they'd go to Angel's peak. It was a cliff right outside town, with the most beautiful view. They'd sit up there all day and just talk and eat the snacks they'd buy at the gas station right before.

They reached the cliff just as the clock ticked nine. Scarlet jumped out of the car before jogging to the edge. She stood like that for a second, just letting the cool breeze blow her black hair back. Her arms were stretched out as if she were getting ready to dive-she probably looked as if she were about to jump to any onlookers but luckily it was far enough out that no one would find them for a while.

"Oh, this feels so nice." she sighed. "I haven't been up here since Rob's birthday."

"Really?" Rob asked, brushing his brown hair out of his eyes. "Monica and I come up here all the time."

Scarlet turned to glare at her best guy friend. "Shut up. I don't have a boyfriend I can do lovey-dovey stuff like that, with."

Monica giggled, before pulling her away from the edge. "Don't stand there, or you'll fall."

Scarlet sighed, but complied, and sat down on the blanket that Rob had laid out. "So, what'd you guys get me?" she asked, eyes wide.

Rob shot her a half hearted glare, before smirking and shaking his head. "Nuh-uh, Scar. You know the rules. We can't give you the presents until noon."

"But it's my sixteenth birdthaaaay!" Scarlet whined, "Can't we make an exception just this once?"

"Did you make an exception when I turned sixteen?"

"Humph." Scarlet glared, before turning towards the cliff, and smirking. She jumped up before running over and dancing on the edge. "I won't go near you guys until you agree to give me my presents!"

Monica glared over at her before shrugging and turning away. "We can't bend the rules, Scar. Just don't do anything stupid, over there."

"Like what?" Scarlet smiled, before jumping up and down. "You mean like this?"

"Scarlet!" Monica whined, obviously wanting her to stop. "Scarlet please, you'll-Scarlet, look out!"

Scarlet's eyes shot open when she suddenly realized that there was no ground beneath her feet any longer. She glanced up to see Monica and Rob's worried faces getting farther and farther away as she fell.

Oh, God. Scarlet thought. I'm going to die….