Gabrielle: So, I have been getting a lot of requests to tell the back-stories of how I came up with Guardian Angel series, and it' s characters. So I figured why not? And what better place to do it than in the first story? So, here it is. Even the third and fourth stories even though they haven't been uploaded (though they're already finished) so if you don't want spoilers, don't read farther than a story you've already at least started. Anyways, here we go!

I came up with Guardian Angel while we were helping my cousin and his soon-to-be (at the time) fiancée (they're engaged now and getting married in May-I get to miss the last two days of school!) move into his new apartment and out of his college dorm. His younger sister, April my mother, two aunts and I decided to take a walk through the Japanese Gardens that were only a block away from his new house. The adults were talking about my great-grandpa and how he'd managed to outlive almost half of his 13 children, so he must've had an awesome guardian angel. Then I got to thinking, "Huh, I bet I could make an interesting story out of that" so then I spent the rest of the time planning it. The whole thing with Guardian Angels losing their powers was a way to solve one of the problems I had-how was I going to make it so that Roy could stay on Earth and how could I limit his powers so he didn't seem so perfect? The whole thing with the first thing Scarlet heard Joan say being "Do my eyes look like daddy's?" was from a magazine I found at Wal-Mart about 9/11. I wish I could give credit to the kid who said it but sadly-since it was over a year ago-I cannot. And just another fun fact, my friend, Liam-who is an awful speller and is actually a girl, but five of us call each other the One Direction names because we love them (I'm Niall)-was reading Guardian Angel as sort of a final copy to make sure the rest of us hadn't missed anything. She pointed out that I kept spelling "Guardian" wrong when it should be spelled "Gardien" because the way I spelt it made it sound like it was pronounced "Gwardian" so that's how we pronounce it, now.


I came up with Scarlet's name while taking pictures with April around the Japanese Garden. She knew I was planning a new story and was having trouble coming up with a name, so when we passed a rose bush she suggested the name "Rose". I said no, because Vampire Academy was huge then, and I didn't want to use the main character's name. But the rose wouldn't leave my mind, so finally, I decided to name her "Scarlet" because it was another name for red. My friend, Sydney came up with her last name, thinking it was funny since it was a color as well. Some people have asked why she always named the Guardian Angels Japanese names and that's because I always imagined her having slight ADHD, so naming them "odd" names was her way of making sure she could keep in line who was human and who wasn't.

Roy was also named after the rose (in a way) though he was mostly named after Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist. I named him that, because Roy from FMA could make fire, which I've always associated with red. He was meant to be the opposite of Scarlet-the way she would be if she didn't suffer from ADHD which is why he's more out there than one would imagine. It's also because he's supposed to be a more testosterone filled version of her.

I had never imagined Mr. Greene (Scarlet's father) as dead at the beginning. It had never actually entered my mind to kill him, until I saw that magazine mentioned prior. I figured it would add a bit of mystery to the story and also gave me the idea for Scarlet having caught pneumonia when she was little and having Roy's parents sacrifice themselves to save her. I guess I really didn't have a plot until I saw that magazine, heh heh.

Monica was created because first of all, Scarlet needed a best friend, and because I wanted an excuse to practice my German. Her last name (Dittenhauser-don't know if I mentioned that in the story) is actually my friend, Kayla's last name, who is German, herself. Monica moved here from Greece (a town in Germany) when she was two.

Rob was created simply to add a more boyish outlook to Monica and Scarlet. So that they wouldn't go misunderstanding everything Roy or Oliver or Jun did and then go and complain about it with out really realizing why they did it. I had him go out with Monica to avoid any stupid love triangles that may have happened, because let's face it-there are already a ton of those things to begin with.

I named Sakura that, because it means "rose" in Japanese. It was kind of to atone for not naming Scarlet "Rose". I'm not sure if anyone ever really noticed, but it was never specified whether or not she has an accent, even though she's Monica's Guardian Angel. No, she doesn't, because I also ways saw Guardian Angels as the type of beings that didn't have accents. You heard them talk the way you heard everybody else talk. I also thought that at the beginning I was going to make all the Guardian Angels have odd colored hair but (as you can see) that went downhill.

I'd planned on using Shota more in the story-he was supposed to be the level-headed the one. The one that helped even things out when they started to get under control.

Oliver was created for this little mini triangle between Roy and Scarlet. One of the cute ones that you know wouldn't really effect the couple at all, but also wouldn't end with anyone being upset. But as we all know, it turned into a HUGE triangle with Luna and Jun. He was also supposed to be the comic relief of the story for when we got into the more in depth, upsetting stuff.

Jun was going to be the other comic relief. I created him because he was the only one I could imagine telling Scarlet about the prophecy. I simply couldn't imagine anyone else doing so-they all had their own reasons not to.

Luna was because I wanted to create a Guardian Angel who had no human of their own. I figured it would add some kind of twist to the usual guardian angel story. Her looks were made specifically dark, and scary looking, to sort of symbolize her past. She's probably the only Guardian Angel who was upset about the fact that she doesn't have a human (the others were happy about being able to run around and do whatever they wanted without a human to look after) and that was mostly due to Scarlet "stealing" her would-be friends. I think she still doesn't like Scarlet due to that.

Yurara was created because I wanted to have a "bad-ass-girl" character. She acts how Joan will act when she was in her mid to late teens. Yako was created for her sort of "level-head", he takes over when she gets out of control. Like Yurara, he acts the same way Jonsey will act when he grows up.

I came up with Frostbite while me and Liam were driving to her house from Burger King one Friday night, while listening to One Direction. It was raining out, and nearly six, so it was rather ark out. We were talking about how we were going to die since she couldn't get her mind off the food in my lap. Which got me thinking about death, and what would happen if he were actually a person? It actually didn't start off as a sequel to Guardian Angel, but a story all on it's own, instead.

Violet was named that because I was rereading Series of Unfortunate Events and had remembered how much I loved the name. Plus, I thought it would be awesome for her to be named the same color of her eyes. Ah… the eyes. There have been so many questions about her eyes "Why did they turn purple after dieing? That makes no sense. There was nothing to make them turn purple." IT'S A FREAKING MOVIE ABOUT DEATH BEING A PERSON-WHY CAN'T HER EYES TURN PURPLE?!

Heath was a very hard person to write. I'm not used to someone as dark, mysterious and serious as him. But I couldn't imagine death as being someone who was funny an all that. I tried to make him as dark goth like as possible, without being forced to imagine him with tattoos or what my friends and I called "guy liner", which is why I had part of his hair fall over one of his eyes-less face to see, meant less skin to attempt to not imagine guy liner on. Despite his mostly antisocial attitude, most people seemed to really like him which made me happy. I was worried about the reactions he would get since most of my friends seemed almost disgusted by him.

I didn't plan on having Casey being Violet's Guardian Angel. I have this thing where I can't keep a girl like Casey (not the initial bad guy, but just one of those annoying characters) not having some reason for being like that and then in the end everybody is friends. Casey was supposed to be the one to break all that-obviously that went downhill. She was supposed to stay annoying little Casey and… actually… Violet wasn't going to have a Guardian Angel because I had no clue who would be Death's Guardian Angel. But luckily, a certain guy helped with that so I decided to make our little bleached blonde a girl! Maybe the next story will be the one ^_^

Kelly was probably one of the easiest characters in the world for me to write. Her head was down to Earth most of the time, and yet she knew how to have fun, without having to think about the consequences. Or at least not as many as Violet had to. She was made because I wanted the type of girl who seemed like she should kick ass but was actually the damsel in distress. I guess Kelly was the lucky girl who fell into that roll.

I made Sid Violet's cousin, because I needed to find a way to keep away from completely unnecessary love triangles without having the two best friends dating. And yeah, yeah, I know-why not make one of the friends a girl or gay? I dunno… I've done both, but I never did a best friend who was a cousin. Besides, the relationship between him and Violet was really easy to write because one of my best guy friends is my cousin who is only a year older than me. Sid is actually based off of him, with his completely over protectiveness-I'm not allowed to have any actual guy friends. Heh heh. I totally believe he sees her as his younger sister-since he's an only child and Violet only has a younger brother. When Sid was in elementary school, his parents separated, so he spent a lot of time over at Violet's house, which helped strengthen his big brotherness feelings towards her-though it could be mistaken as romantic feelings, if you didn't know they were cousins.

Shin was my knight in shining armor-he helped me get out of an awkward position. For if I know that had I not given Violet a Guardian Angel people would start yelling at me for not getting her together with Jun (don't worry all you Jun fans! He does get a happy ending of his own! I had it planned out in the first one! So no, it isn't that I absolutely hate him). I was debating what type of "being" I could use for Heath's Guardian Angel, when I started reading Arina Tanemura's Fullmoon wo Sagashite, which is about a girl named Mitsuki who finds out she's going to die when some Shinigami came to take her soul. (good series, btw) So I started researching shinigami, and vualla! Our favorite blue haired boy has appeared! Also, his appearance was based off of Gonard from Kappa Mikey (another good show).

The Guardians-there was usually supposed to be ten of them, all different mythical beings. I even had things like mermaids and unicorns-but then I realized that maybe ten would be going too far, and I'm saving the unicorn and fairie for another story about wizards that I'm planning. So I narrowed it down to Athene, Blaize, and Cloud.


I came up with Ashes at Homecoming a couple months ago. My friend, Louis and I were sitting out for a couple of songs to rest our feet, when these two guys named Quinton and Jacob (twins) walked by. Now, I'd always been obsessed with twins, and I love the aspects of twins, so it was like "Okay, I have to find a way to make my third G.A story about twins." and that's how I spent the rest of my dance-planning on how to make my next story all about twins. So, thank you guys-even though I don't really like you!

Aubrey was probably the hardest main character I've ever had to write. Usually writing characters are easy so long as I'm able to see inside her head, but when it came to her, I had to think very hard. I still think she sounds too much like Scarlet for comfort. But I did the best I could. I don't believe Aubrey would've been such a…badass?-had her parents not broken up and separated her and Audrey. I think that was what just made her snap and become the way she is.

Logan is actually named-and sort of based-off of this guy in my Geometry class. I hate him to death, but I had to admit that he would make a good leading boy for this particular story. Almost all of my friends yelled at me for having my main character steal her sister's boyfriend, but what I don't think they realized was that Audrey and Logan were never really in love. They were really just going out because most people expected them to go out.

Audrey is the girl who was always in control of everything-be it her emotions, or other people. She knows how to get what she wants, without getting into trouble or anything like that. Of course, that all went down hill when something (not going to reveal what) happens and causes her to go so far as to throwing herself out a window. She is also a type of character that I have to be careful with writing because I don't know what would go through her head and make her so intent on dieing.

Stan and Kyle were made because-though I hate love triangles-I decided it was something you couldn't avoid forever. Besides, I imagined that Aubrey would be the type of girl who would be able to connect more with boys and who would want to hang out with them anyway, because she believes they have less drama. Though-as we can see in the short stories for this series I'm working on-isn't true.

Sarabellum was created in Biology class with the help of my friends Sara, and a Freshman, Brendon. We were talking about A Wrinkle In Time (Which, for those of you who don't know is Audrey's favorite movie) while simutaniously trying to come up with a name for Audrey's best friend. Then, Sara brought up about how when Meg was in Science, she corrected her teacher who called the Ceribrum the Cerabellum and it was just BAM! Instantanious name! We got her last name from one of the authors of our Biology book.

Bucket List actually came to me in a dream as I was finishing writing Ashes. I know, not the funnest of my descriptions, but what can I say? That's how it happened.

June is basically a hyper, slightly more forgetful version of me. There is actually a scene in the first chapter where she's rushing to get to school in five minutes so she isn't late-and then finds out from one of her friends that it's a Saturday. Her smile is basically a mask, because on the inside, she's actually falling apart, though she doesn't even admit it to herself. It's mostly because she blames herself for her mother's death. She was a character I fell in love with easily, because I was just like "Yes, that's me! I would do that!" as I was writing her, which made it really fun.

Fo is basically another Heath, only he's slightly more fun. I don't know why I wrote another dark, mysterious, secretive main guy when I obviously had a hard time with it in Frostbite. I just figured that he would be another one of those Guardian Angels who were upset about not having a human. So he's also a lot like Luna in those type of ways. Thankfully for him, I had a lot of help from my best friend, Harry, who's just perfect at writing characters like that. His name is "Four" in Japanese.

Zero is actually Jun from Guardian Angel (in case any of you didn't get that). I had a lot of trouble with the relationship between him and Luna since it was more than obvious that the two of them weren't going to end up together but I couldn't do anything to Luna since she'd been through so much, already. Zero is more depressed and melancholy than he was throughout most of Guardian Angel, but he finally gets his happy ending! (YAY!) but I won't tell you how. His-new-name is "Zero" in Japanese.

July is June's clone. She was made to go to school for June so that she wouldn't fall behind, while her, Fo, and San go hide out in Europe with Violet, Scarlet, Heath, Roy and Jason. She's basically just a second June with longer hair. Unfortunately though, being a clone means she has no Guardian Angel (wink wink). In other words, she's just as easy to write as June.

Ichii is another hard character for me to write. It's very hard for me to write a character who has absolutely no emotion, whatsoever, because I can never tell what they're thinking or how they would act. And I wrote the freaking character! So if any of you guys are able to figure that out, please tell me. His name is "One" in Japanese.

Ni is the complete opposite of Ichii-he is basically how Jun was before Luna rejected him for Oliver. A lot of people wonder what the story behind his eye patch is, and well, the truth is that he just thinks it looks cool. There is no injury under there, nor is each of his eyes a different color. It's simply because he loves the way he looks. His name means "Two" in Japanese.

San is by far my favorite Guardian Angel in this story. She's kind of the female version of Ni, but is somehow more mature. She is constantly upset by the fact that Ichii has no emotion on his face whatsoever and actually in their short story, she tries to get him to show some. I loved every minute I spent writing her, because I could tell that she was the only thing holding the four boys together and keeping them from killing each other, which made me love her so much because I didn't wanna have to deal with a murder. Her name means "Three" in Japanese.

Gabrielle: And there it is! I hope I've answered all your questions about these characters and the short stories will start coming out after Bucket List is finished! So remember to keep an eye out for those! Bye bye! I gotta go pay attention to my poor diabetic cat!