What will it take for you to talk to me?

If we never mattered to you, why did you make me believe we did?

I am so beyond hurt right now. I'm hurt and I'm trying not to be angry because that never helps anything, but I am so far beyond hurt that it's not just hurt anymore. We talked more before you asked me out. We talked more in the six days before you asked me out than we have in the past three weeks or more.

You said you'd always be there for me. What happens when I call you because – I don't know. We got broken into again. My car got stolen. My parents kicked me out (IDK why, just.. say they did). My cat ran away, or died. What happens when I call you, in tears because something happened, expecting you to answer because you said you'd be there for me… What happens when you don't answer? As things stand now, I seriously do not believe that you would answer. I don't think you would be there. That hurts more than anything else right now. You promised me that you would be there for me; I told you the same thing. I fully intend to be there for you in whatever way you need me – that's what friends do. But… I honestly do not believe that you'd keep your promise.

Why do you keep making promises to me that you have no intention of keeping? I won't hold you to the promise you made months ago. I don't believe in forever anymore. But you promised you would be there for me, you promised to still be my friend, and you promised we would still talk.

I feel like such an idiot for believing you.

I miss my best friend.