Never Unintentional By DorkExpress

Summery: (This was supposed to be a One Shot, but it got longer and so, it's a kinda sequel/ part of Undeniable Sense of Attraction) Joe and Marie are the best of friends since childhood, but one day she overhears what he really thinks about her, and it tears her apart. Years later they reunite, and not because Emily Marie De Lioncourt wanted to do so, no it was because Jonathan Andrews' half-sister makes a party for his return from the Marines and guess who happens to be the party planner? Will Marie get over the fact that teenage years weren't her best ones?

Okay, I know I finished this story, but I've decided to edit it.

I hope I get more feedback, but I will say, I loved the people who put their input in this and made me light up. You guys are awesome.

Secondly, I just want to say, all these ideas, concepts, and characters are mine and mine alone. This may sound familiar, but, it's written all by me. No Betas or anything like that. So please, don't plagiarize or anything like that. Not my or anyone else's work, please. Just ask the author if you can get a copy, you never know.

Thirdly, I will most likely post once every week. I am not making any promises, but I hope I can make my own deadline and keep up with my characters.

Lastly; please excuse any errors grammatical or otherwise. They are my entire fault and no one else's. Feel free to PM me if that's the case. If you just want to PM me to say hi, that's okay too!

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That's all folks.

-Dork Express