Never Unintentional – By: DorkExpress


I got up from the couch with ease, a surprise really since my old bones were having more trouble than usual.

"Melody, what are you doing here honey?"

She looked at me, eyes just like my Jonathan's, her beautiful dark hair trying to unbound itself from the messy bun and a smile on her lips. She was the baby of the family and adored by all her siblings. The only one who lived at home still.

"Oh, mom, I didn't mean to wake you, I just needed to find a box of Felicia's things and give it to her since she's moving to Oregon, remember I told you?"

I smiled at her and nodded. Then she lifted up a box and said it was the one.

"I'll call you tomorrow okay? Have a good night and go to bed, no wild parties while I'm away, you hear me?" She asked in a mock stern voice. I chuckled and patted her cheek, my darling little girl.

"You're going to be a wonderful mother, you know that?"

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, "Mom, I don't even have a boyfriend, hell, not even a prospective guy, I think being a mom will be way, waylater on in the future."

"You're beautiful, smart, charming and sarcastic. Who wouldn't want a sharp tongue like yours?" I said smiling.

"You just want to get rid of me so dad and you can have the whole house to yourselves and party all night! I'm quite hurt, really."

"Oh, you remind me of your father when he was younger." I said affectionately.

"Yup, I'm a daddies girl and proud of it. Now, I'll really get going so you can go back to bed and dad. Love you mom, forever and ever." she leaned in, gave me a kiss and a hug.

I stayed downstairs in the living room, gazing at all the picture frames mounted on the walls. My life, our life, captured forever, to remind me of the beautiful moments we've had, the struggles behind those smiles, the love in those moments...

"Marie, what are you still doing down here?" Joe asked from the hall.

"Come sit with me," I patted the seat next to me. He at next to me, silent.

"What's wrong?" He asked. His voice was delicate, smooth, and to me, despite the many times I've heard it, the many years that have gone by, to me, it still sounded as seductive and alluring as it had 33 years ago.

"Nothing is wrong, Joe. What can possibly be wrong? I'm still married with you, you still love me, I still love you, I'm as happy as can be with our first grand baby on it's way, and our family being healthy and living... if I asked for more, I think that would be selfish."

He was quiet, both of us looking at our life spread before us, our children's lives. The silence wasn't awkward for us, I don't think it ever was. We were too comfortable with each other for that, we knew ourselves too well for that to be a problem.

"You know," Joe's voice was low, his fingers intertwined with mine. "I don't think that anyone could have asked for a better life." He looked over at me.

"Our children are perfect. Joshua has your attitude, joyful and self sacrificing while he has my eyes and dark hair."

"They all have your beautiful golden brown eyes and shiny dark hair, it's what attracts everyone." I piped up.

"They are attractive, our boys, aren't they?" I gave him a scolding look, "Our girls are beauties no others can compare with, beside their mother, who exceed both their beauties put together."

"You're still a charmer aren't you?" I giggled.

"Only for you, my love. You know what?" I shook my head.

"I don't think I would have been as happy as I am if I hadn't married you. And I think that once this life is over, we'll live again, and find each other and love each other more and more every time. Because there's no way that this love I feel for you can just disappear into thin air."

I looked at him, my eyes misty and my heart rate faster than it was just a moment ago. "I believe you're right, Jonathan. Because I've loved you since I was a child, and I think my soul is meant for yours. Because no one has made me feel or makes me feel what you do. And everyday I love you more and more. Even if this body wants to quit on my, looking into your eyes and knowing you're right there with me gives me strength to have another day."

His eyes burned into mine and we weren't senior citizens sitting on their couch, we were young hearts in love. Desperate for the other's love, company, touch... He lifted his hand to caress my cheek and I leaned into him, loving the feel of his warm hands on me.

"I love you," He breathed before kissing me.

"I love you too, forever and always," I replied.

The End

A/N: Well, that's all folks!

I must say, that this wasn't the epilogue that first came to mind, but epilogues before/after the weddings are so common, so I just went ahead and let them life a happy normal and hectic life with four children and the love of their lives. You met Melody here, I wasn't actually planning on doing anything with her, but I might write up a story for her as well... You heard of Joshua, but he's more of an example to show how their kids turned out.

I wanted Marie and her kids to be close, no matter how old she is, because, well, I had a great relationship with my mom and that's my input in the story. Moms rock, no matter how much of an annoyance you think they are. Props for all moms out there!

And this is all I have to say.

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