A/N: Okay, I'm weird; I joined my school's creative writing club XD Anyway, last week, we sat outside and observed the spot we were sitting in, and then wrote a poem about it. I will warn you right now: I am not the best poet. Still, I wanna post it and see what you guys think of it :3 Please leave a review (and maybe even some constructive criticism…?) Pretty please? ^_^

Pointy grass and pine needles inhibit this spot

It is a great place to relax and daydream, with its shade and cool breeze

The one thing that distracts is a sound clearly not from nature – the whirr of cars' engines as they drive by

Shades of green dominate the area, and give a natural feel

Sticking out the most is the brightly colored bottle cap that is broken in half

This could be the perfect spot to lay and take a nap