The Myth of The 1900 Storm

By Judith Segura

Another assignment I did in my English honors class. We were learning about mythology and one of the assignments were to write a myth about any natural disaster that happened near the Gulf Coast.

The god of the sea, Poseidon and his brother, Zeus, ruler of all gods decided to go to Galveston Island in the hopes of finding a lover. As the months passed at their stay on the island, both gods found out to their horror that they had fallen in love with the same woman.

Poseidon and Zeus got competitive and soon the mighty gods had found themselves in a violent argument. As the brothers striked at each other, thunder and lightning boomed and striked like there was no tomorrow. Trees were torn from their roots like useless ragdolls. The roofs of homes were ripped off with ease. The winds howled and demolished and the waves crashed and swept everything in its path.

The nightmare lasted all night and the brothers did not stop arguing until early morning. Zeus and Poseidon realized too late that their verbal war had caused so much damage to the island. Nearly all the homes were destroyed and the lives of many innocent people were killed, including the lovely maiden that both men had loved.