I'll dress outside the bus

With everyone else.

I'll give worried rookies

A quick hug,

A high five to my fellow

Drum major.

I'll tuck something in my

Inside jacket pocket

For luck, for love.

I'll hold the memories

Of what my past

Section leader said,

I'll recall the seniors' motivation.

I'll squeeze a hand

In the circle,

I'll hear once again:

Feet together,

Shoulders back,

Chins up,

Eyes with pride.

Hearts on fire,

Minds on ice.

I will not let you down.

I'll look again at my best friends,

Smile in the end zone.

I'll take it all with me,

I'll leave it all on the field.

I'll touch the turf,

And I'll leave it

With no regret.

I'll do what I can.

And so will the others.

This is it.

"Are you ready band?"

Yes, sir!