I cannot fathom the sickening sensation

of feeling what you must feel.

I don't understand

the demons clawing at your brain,

whispering lies as you try not to listen,

gnawing at your heart and soul

until no hope remains.

I can only guess at what drives you

to etch your secrets into your skin,

spilling scarlet sorrows

that seep and scar and stay,

as you blindly seek release

at the bottom of a grave.

I don't know what I can do

to give you a pillar of strength

or a warm hand to hold

in your darkest hour.

I fear for what will happen

the next time you let go

and surrender yourself to monsters

just waiting to devour.

But I know that the angels

and your brothers and sisters

will fight for your life day and night,

to show you and make you believe

that you are special and beautiful,

cherished and not alone.

Please, please be stronger.

Please be kinder to yourself.

Do not let yourself be overcome.

Stand up to live, and love, and be loved,

to fight and win another day.