Remember My Name! Loki preview


"Memories of Nobody"

It was like a dream, his body felt as light as a feather as he started to open his eyes. It was unclear as to were he was but he kind of liked it. His body felt warm as he tried to move his arms but something was restraining them.

"Please don't move your arms sweetie."

That voice, it was almost like that of an angels. His head was starting to pound as he felt his body slowly float down to the surface below.

"Your muscle capacity seems fine and you're the central part of your brains seems in tact."

Below him laid a soft bed that helped his muscles relax. Still something confused him, who was it helping him? As he looked to his right he saw a woman with tan skin, gorgeous yellow eyes and a fully developed body. It almost made him blush as he looked at her body, but even though she noticed him she didn't react in any way.

"Whew, that was a close one you almost had me worried there sweetie." she said as she sat beside him in a chair.

"Excuse me but who are you and where exactly am I?"

She lifted a brow as she let out a giggle.

"Loki your such a card, you know who I am, we've been married for centuries."

Married? To her? That couldn't be true, and for centuries?

"Akisha, remember?"

He searched his mind to find an answer but nothing came to him.

"Sorry, don't really remember you."

It troubled her to no end that he couldn't remember her.

"Surely you must remember Tyler and Caitlyn right?"

He still couldn't remember anything.

"You know, Tyler, he's been your rival for eons."

Why was she asking him all weird questions, it was obvious he didn't know any of them, didn't he?