One Sunday afternoon after church was over and everyone had left for home, Cecil Thomas saw that the pastor, Daphne Black was still at the door of the church saying good – bye to the last person. He was in no hurry to go home since he lived alone. Once he saw the last person leave, Daphne noticed he was still in the church.

"Cecil, you're still here? I thought you had left," Daphne said.

"No, I'm still here, Pastor Daphne," Cecil said.

"It's Sunday afternoon. Shouldn't you be home by now?" Daphne asked him.

"Yes, but I am in no hurry to go home. I live alone," Cecil told her.

"I see," Daphne said.

"I do have to talk to you," Cecil said.

"About what?" Daphne asked.

"A friend of mine," Cecil told her.

"What about this friend of yours do you wish to tell me?" Daphne asked as they walked back inside the church.

Daphne saw her husband, Hank with the children.

"Are you ready to go home, Daphne?" Hank asked.

"No, Hank. You and the kids can go without me. I need to talk to Cecil first," Daphne said.

Hank saw Cecil and waved. Cecil waved back.

"Do I know this friend of yours, Cecil?" Daphne asked.

"I don't think so," Cecil said.

"He used to be sheriff of this town until not too long ago. He isn't anymore. He had to stop working because of his health. It got bad so we have Sheriff Nelson to take his place as sheriff. The reason my friend ain't sheriff anymore because he couldn't make decisions no more," Cecil told Daphne.

"Just how bad is your friend's health?" Daphne asked.

"It's bad, Pastor. He's been having depression episodes and sleeping problems for twelve years now. I want it to go away and him to be normal again. His memory ain't like it used to be," Cecil told Daphne.

"If your friend's having these problems, why didn't you come to me in the beginning when it first happened?" Daphne asked.

"I didn't know about it then. He and his wife and kids are having all these appointments with the counselors. The kids are having appointments with their counselors at the high school and he and his wife are seeing a marriage counselor. They have been for twelve years," Cecil said.

"Has this friend of yours had any thoughts of suicide?" Daphne asked.

"No. None that I've heard about," Cecil said.

"That's good," Daphne said.

"I know it is. I just want to do something to make him improve his health," Cecil said.

"How is his memory?" Daphne asked.

"Not good," Cecil answered.

"That's too bad. Does he remember the important things like his wedding anniversary, birthdays and such?" Daphne asked.

"I don't know," Cecil said.

"I've never seen him forget things," Cecil told her.

Daphne didn't say anything.

When she did respond, she said, "Tell you what, Cecil. I'm going to add your friend to my mission. May I have his name and address?"

"Why do you need his address here in Milwaukee for?" Cecil asked.

"It is my mission to give the needy people across the United States five thousand dollars like your friend every week, Cecil. That's my mission," Daphne said.

"Does he need to know about this before I give out his address?" Cecil asked.


"I don't like giving out his address without his knowing about it first," Cecil said, shrugging his shoulders.

"I still think he should know about this first instead of not knowing about it," Cecil said.

"The mission doesn't work that way when I add a new person if you know the person, Cecil. I'd like to have your friend's phone number too," Daphne said.

"It still doesn't sound right of giving you his phone number and address without him knowing about it," Cecil said.

He knew that was a fact. He didn't want to give Daphne the address and phone number without Jeremy Cline knowing that he gave his church the Clines' phone number and address without their knowing about it for whatever reason.

"Let me talk to him first before I give you his address and number, Pastor Daphne. How's that?" Cecil asked.

"I've already told you it doesn't work that way. If you tell them and then I can't give the people their money. Got it? Are you going to give me their address and phone number or not?" Daphne asked.

"I need time to think about it. Is that okay?" Cecil asked.

"Sure. Speaking of which, our car needs to go to the station this week. Would you fix it for us?" she asked.

"Sure. Maybe I'll let you know then. How's that?" Cecil asked.

"Sure. I'll see you at the station then," Daphne said.

"See you," Cecil said as he left the church.