Cecil worked all morning at the garage. He had finally gotten his $5,000.00 he had been getting from other people when they would stop by to have their cars fixed and serviced. He was happy he'd made those signs in order to give the Church of Messiah his share of the $5,000.00. Joseph helped some, but had been busy enough at SuperCuts. As for Joseph, he did listen to Sheriff Cline's advice and found the time to get a burglar alarm installed.

Brad Scott, the town druggie, still had thoughts of escaping from the sheriff's office but Karen and Frank listened to Sheriff Cline's advice and kept Brad at the sheriff's office. As for Karen and Frank and Sheriff Nelson, they finally were able to catch the person who set the bomb at Tony and Sara's school and arrested the person for life.

Lunchtime arrived. Cecil made it to the Church of Messiah. He found Hank, Daphne's husband in the building when he walked in.

"Afternoon, Cecil," Hank said.

"Hi, Hank. Daphne around?" Cecil asked.

"I'll go get her. Peter, would you mind staying here?" Hank asked a man that was with him.

"Sure, Hank," Peter said.

Cecil knew Peter wasn't familiar to him.

"Are you friend or relative to Pastor Daphne?" Cecil asked, trying to make conversation.


Cecil could tell by listening to Peter's voice he sounded musical.

"You sound musical. Do you sing?" Cecil asked.

"No, but I am a disc jockey."

That's when both Hank and Daphne headed their way.

"Did you come to see me, Cecil?" Daphne asked once Peter and Hank disappeared.

"I did, Pastor Daphne. I have something for you," he said.

"What's that?" she asked.

"This," Cecil said, taking out a rubberband of money.

"All this is five thousand?" Daphne asked as he nodded.

"How did you get it all?"

"It doesn't matter how I got it, does it? All it matters is that it's here," Cecil said.

"I guess you're right."

"I do have something else to tell you," Cecil said.


"The former sheriff I'm looking after is looking better. He's starting to do things on his own now," Cecil said.

"That's good. You know what you're doing, then. I'm happy he's on my list," she said.

"So am I," Cecil said.

"So am I."