A.N. - Inspired by the song "Through the Iris" by the band 10 Years. A great song off an underappreciated album, and one that tends to get stuck in my head a lot. This was a quick write in the middle of a shift at work; I'm sure that shows. Any comments would be helpful.

Closer Than I Hoped

It's only now, with my view redefined
that I see the real you in wholly new sight,
and the pain that I see, it shakes my resolve
to you and to me and to all that we've built.

I find myself asking if I can take on this strain,
stretch myself thin only to do it again?
But the tearing apart that I've done inside
is nothing compared to all you've been through.

So I choose to stay close to what I cherish most
and hope that it's not all one big sham on your part,
that deep within you long for the struggle to end
and the storm to stop swirling behind haunted eyes.

I lend my love as a crutch, and hope for the same
so we may endure that which is yet to come
and hope inside you that your fragile walls hold
the same way we do to the last shreds of us.