Your words are loud, angry
and course through me;
adrenaline jitters, wrecked
under the waterfall of your emotion.

The distance doesn't disperse tension.

You're ranting and raging
and I take on each wave
silently, I am just stone.

But this is how I'm reading it
and who's to say the playwright
didn't script your tone another way
'cause perhaps I'm just pretending -

So I try to quell your fears with logic -
a rational argument's always best.
You erode me instead.
No compromises between friends, I see.

I do not call you names; throw insults.
Instead I calmly distance myself;
aloof but not arrogant -
like the best of teachers:
I tell you everything you meant
and how, with trust destroyed,
you cannot expect my respect.

And instead of taking on this burden,
I let my disappointment weigh on you.