A/N: Hey! I think this is the first piece I ever wrote that kind of just stuck to me. To me, it's a song, but I obviously have a certain beat stuck to my head. So choose your favorite tune, and sing away!

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Somehow, it just seems to happen
You don't know when, where, or even why
Somehow, you just start to ponder
About how these little things can make you cry

Have you ever opened a window
And you're not even looking out?
Have you ever read a story
And you still don't know what it's about?

Have you ever watched a movie
But you're thinking of your past?
Have you ever fallen in love
And you're pain just seems to last?


Somehow, your heart seems to beat faster
Although you don't know when, where, or even why
Somehow, your clock seems to tick slower
And to get through the day, will make you cry

Why won't this pain vanish?
Why won't it disappear?
It pierces straight into my heart
Just like I've always feared.


For now, I will live my life
A smile plastered to my face
But I know that if that smile falters
All that will be left is tears to erase.

But somehow I will manage
I have for all this time
And maybe a day will come,
When that smile will truly be mine…


© HalfPast12

September 2007