My Love,

My heart burns for you like an thousand suns.

When I'm with you, I always have fun.

I can't imagine my life alone,

'Cause when I'm with you, you set me upon on throne.

I say,"You're my King and I'm your Queen."

You say that the only acceptance you need is from me.

I say that I love you, you say,"Me too, but to you and more."

I say,"No, I love you more, because it's you I adore.

I'll never forget you, I'll never let you go.

I'll always be with you, wherever you go.

I'll always love you forever,

And forever we'll be together.

"I love you," is all I'll ever say.

I hope that you feel the same way.


Some who'll always love you,

Even if you never love me back.