A.N: The song in this piece is 'I see you' by Mika

Background: the stage is in darkness except for a projected image at the back of the stage. This image is of people with 'forced smiles'.

Lights fade up

A girl enters and sits on the edge of the stage. She looks at the projection.

Do they look happy to you? (Pause) does it make you feel...uncomfortable? (She pauses as the images on the screen become colourless.) How about now?

(She gets down from the edge of the stage and walks towards the audience.) This is what people hide behind; false smiles. The people who are so sick of who they are, that they can't even show a true smiles. (She pauses) why? (Pause) Because they are different and people...some people are afraid of difference. (Pause) You see they don't like 'difference' to be happy because then they couldn't be forced into a corner, hidden.

(She looks around at the audience) some do it because of the pressures of society and others...most do it out of fear. (Pause) Look closely at the images. Are they really that scary? (She looks at the screen and then back at the audience) or just...sad?

(She turns on the audience a little, as if being society's idea of different) are you scared of me? (The images go off and the screen goes blank. She becomes herself again.) Why would you be? (Pause) am I really that scary or is it just because I am different?

(She pauses and then becomes angry) I will tell you who you should be afraid of...yourself. All of you who have made someone feel like I did... (On the screen words start appearing, each is an emotion. A song plays alongside these words.) You should be scared of who you become. (Pause) all for what? (Pause) nothing.

(She looks at the audience with an almost warm smile. As if her mood has changed she begins again.) Don't you see? (Pause) difference is everywhere. It's life. How many people do you know who are exactly the same?

(She snaps out of it. Though she is serious, she still seems less angry then at first.) Don't you see? (Pause) Difference really is everywhere. (Pause) you...you don't need to be that way towards difference. People don't fit in. (She seems almost pleading for the audience to hear her) we are not a puzzle we don't need to fit. (Pause) so what if we don't? No one is any less of a person for being out there.

I ask, no I beg you to stop (pause) or you will end up with the forced smile.

(She turns back to the stage and picks up a packet of makeup wipes. Then she wipes off her lipstick.) My forced smile is gone. (She places the packet on the floor in front of the audience and then goes back onto the stage.) When you are ready to wipe away your false smile or someone else's, it's here. (She turns away and then exits.)

Lights fade leaving the screen on stage still showing the words. It carries on for a few minutes then it fades and the song plays further before fading.