A.N. - Yet another cotest poem; prompt was Ludo's song "Love Me Dead." I acutally struggled a lot with this, as I could not really replicate the song's sarcasm in a poem like I wanted to. So, I went the other way and iamgined the earnestness behind the song instead, and why this guy would stick with such a...unique girl, even after she's gone off with someone else. I made the poem a string of tankas (5-7-5-7-7 syllable count), mainly because I'm partial to that form.

Redeeming Qualities

Love at first sight, ha!
Only if I look past flaws
too many to count.
Yet somehow you still hold me
and I cannot let you go.

I revel in you
and your eccentricies.
Maybe we deserve
each other and noone else
for all our days together.

I am not faultless -
I want you after you left
I still want you back
And damn your new boy to hell
like you've damned me to my own.

You have scarred my mind
left gouges of love in there
that won't scab over.
I love you, and I hate you.
I'll never get over you.