Alright, nice loving poem that I wrote in spur of the moment. Please enjoy.

I saw you across the room
Twirling around the floor
Like a beautiful flower in bloom
Swaying back and forth

Your hairs fell all around you
Like a cascading waterfall
Your dress was magnificent and new
You were the princess of the ball

You were in a world all your own
Where dance was all you knew
Showing a side you'd rarely shown
Can I be in your world too?

Then the music slowed
The lovers pulled each other near
Your eyes, they slowly closed
As your world disappeared

I realized then what was wrong
And how could it be true?
You had no one to dance with in such a song
Did no one want to dance with you?

I moved to join you in you place
You were all I saw
My feet set such a pace
I thought that I might fall

I can tell that now you see me
As you look up and you blush
I slow as our eyes meet
I mean, I hardly know you much

All I know is when you move
I want to grow wings and fly
I when you stop, all too soon
I want to stop and cry

Your eyes are locked on mine
And I hold out my hand
Your eyes are starting to shine
So, would you like to dance?

Alright, that's it. I really like it, even though it's not very good. But I hope you enjoyed it all the same.