When some people see snowflakes, they think of chilly nights and days, they think of horrible weather, they think of dreadful winter. But the Angels would beg to differ.

Back in time, these snowflakes, they didn't exist. Snow didn't exist. Winter didn't exist.

But Angels did.

There was a divider.

A glass wall. Or more like a ceiling for us humans and a ground for the Angels.

A wall that is placed just on top of the clouds of the earth. This glass served as a divider, to separate humans to Angels.

On top of this wall, are where the Angels reside in. It was always cold. It fits with the whole white code thing. While on earth it is all sunshine and rainbows (minus the rain of course). In short, it was always nice out.

In some days, the Angels will press their faces on the glass to watch the humans and envy them for all the things they were given. Some times the humans looked up, envying the Angels for their worry-free life.

One day, an innocent mal Angel sat down on the glass and caught sight of a beautiful human maiden. He watched her attentively in awe. He watched as her golden locks whisked and danced with the wind. He watched her work and smile and nod to people who would pass her way. This Angel really wanted to meet this human, though he knew it was against the law.

The humans and the Angels made a treaty, that if one from one party would break and or cross the border, the opposing party will be given the right to attack the law-breaking fool.

The Angel did not consider this rule of course, all he could think of was his beautiful maiden and how to approach her.

Later that night, he brought a nail and a hammer to crack the glass just a bit, but enough to let him through. Stealth-fully, he sneaked through the tents and campsites to a hidden place he had found a couple of days ago.

He was to make a hole to let himself down but he had to be extremely gentle for the wall was utterly fragile.

He finally got through and happily ran to the maiden's cottage.

"You! Who's there?" One of the human night guards shouted at him. At the sound he quickly crouched down beside a tree.

"Just a measly human, sir." The Angel tried his hardest to keep his wings out of sight by hiding them more into the tree.

"Off to bed with you! It is much past your curfew!" The guard shouted.

"Yes sir." The Angel responded with a relieved sigh causing his wings to open.

The guard gasped and shouted, "Intruder! Intruder! Angel on human grounds!"

Lights flickered on through all the cabins and cottages. Human men ran out of the safety of their homes with their weapons.

They chased the Angel with bows and arrows, cross bows, rocks and kitchen knives until the Angel had enough and flew in a hurry to the glass wall. He started to place the nail to make a hole, well aware of the mob shooting arrows under him.

In his hurry he had forgotten to be careful. The Angel had whacked the hammer on to the nail with too much force the surface began to crack.

The crowd had stopped to look at the small crack becoming into a much bigger problem.

The border shattered into many different pieces. All different and unique, falling on the earth's soil. Freezing the ground, the lakes, the flowers, and forming an even surface of "unique shattered glass".

This was just a story I found in my old language notebook and I thought it was really cool. Please review!