Summer time brings magic
Everyone is happy to believe
I hoped for it
And longed for it
But I was never too keen
Until that summer
When his life and mine
Just happened to intervene.

He looked up at me, and
I smiled back
For there was a time
Long ago
When we once knew each other…
The time when
We still used to play
In boxes of sand.

No words were exchanged
No promises broken
Just a heart pounding
From inside my chest
Faster and faster
As the seconds ticked by
For the perfect moment…

It never came though
And he walked on by
Hopping from table to table
Talking and laughing all the while.

Strangely, I followed
But kept him at a distance
Hoping and praying for him
To maybe catch my eye

"You're being stupid,"
My mind seemed to scream.
But the heart has
A mind of its own
You may think what you want
The heart still wants to dream…

Finally he came up to me
With a sparkle in his eye
As if he too was contemplating
Whether or not
He should give me a try

"Come with me," he said
Took my hand
Intrigued, I allowed him
And tried to follow his little plan.

He led me to a corner
Where a grand piano stood
And people were few

Without a word,
He began to play
A smile at his lips
Passion in his eyes
But stopped suddenly when
He hit the wrong key.

He looked up at me
And I laughed,
"Imperfect you
Imperfect me."


© HalfPast12

10th November 2010